Grandads House

A fortnight has slipped by without an update. It’s easily done.

It’s been a kind of staycation both at home and away. Our last journey in the red bus took us to the Fens to see Grandad and we waved the bus goodbye the day after we arrived.


It was less of a social visit and more of a working visit with the focus on Twin Dad fitting a new bathroom and us seeking a new car. The bathroom happened but the new car didn’t so we drove home in Grandad’s who wanted to downsize anyway.

Mostly we stayed home due to lack of car, too much work and generally feeling under the weather with nasty coughs. Fortunately Grandad has a lot of space.

We did enjoy the new park; about time they put something decent in that space.

DSC_1733 DSC_1731 DSC_1726

We had a few conversations about democracy and *back handers* leading up to the election and L accompanied his Grandad to vote.

I’m not quite sure how we filled all of our time there but we did. The TV only went on in the evening and our weeks viewing consisted of two episodes of the *24 hours in the past series* on BBC, Men in Black II and II, Star Wars The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones plus Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. L was not impressed with the excellent adventure despite it having a link to all things History and time travel.

Maths by Darts happened with a magnetic darts car-boot find. Grandad has way more space for such toys, so glad I packed it.

It was quite chilly up in the Fens but the conservatory room soon became known as the hot room and we spent much time in there on technology, playing games, drawing, crafting or listening out for the birds. We took Boggle with us and A and W could even join in which is something they wouldn’t really have managed before. I can see how this might help with their literacy skills. Zingo, The Roman Game, MTG and Brainbox World came too. A and W learned to play solitaire too. We also finished our read aloud book, Skellig.

The curtains of the conservatory room became the stage for a Magic Show.

DSC_1741 DSC_1738

The garden was a race track for races ranging from the straight forward flat race to the spider race. Also the perfect place for flying cardboard wings, making fairy homes or enjoying a blossom snow fall.



DSC_1752 DSC_1746


I’m not sure what was learned during the week although Grandad will have shared a few gems of wisdom as well as encouraged the children in a certain sense of humour with lots of fun and inappropriate joke conversations! I know he read poetry to L for a while until L could focus no more and L even helped out with a spot of gardening and a very quick spot of sanding the walls!


S spent a lot of time skyping her friends via her phone or sketching or doing both. She’s definitely reached the teenage years.

Mostly I think patience was practised and making do without our *stuff* as the children really did have to wait around an awful lot and they didn’t have all their home comforts so to speak of. Life lessons.

Back home and mobile again we’ve had two sunny home ed group meet ups. One in a local park and one at a local adventure playground.


The house looks as if it’s been burgled again and I have enough washing to keep a launderette busy for the week – all is back to normal! It’s time to catch up on everything including health and sleep. We have plans to make.

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