Great Way To Kick Off Home Educating April

We’ve had a really positive and productive day today and whilst strolling along the beach I couldn’t help but think “what a marvellous way to kick off the month of April”.

We were up and out and in the car heading for West Sussex by 09.45 this morning leaving Southsea full of sea mist. By the time we arrived at our destination in West Sussex just half an hour later the skies were beautifully blue.

S(12) joined another singing group today and we had decided we would make a family day of it given we were travelling across to West Sussex. The group was held at a fellow home educator’s home with only home educated children in the older age bracket. S said it was pretty cool so looks like we will be returning. Whilst S was singing I got to sit and chat to other home ed parents some of whom I had never met before. I thought that was pretty cool! Twin Dad meanwhile had taken our other three to see a windmill. They came back with stories of catching Lizards. It doesn’t surprise me, this kind of stuff always happens when out with Twin Dad.

Our next stop was Chichester for a picnic lunch on the grass of Priory Park (another new destination for us) and a play on the apparatus.

20140401_135911 20140401_135849 20140401_134605

Then off to West Wittering Beach. The day was just too glorious not too. We faced our usual challenges at destinations that allow dogs off the leads and spent quite some time sitting in the dunes talking through the dog fear with L yet again but on the whole it was great beach therapy. A and W were soaked sufficiently enough to take the Nudie Bus home.

20140401_151159 20140401_153445 20140401_154518 20140401_155820 20140401_155918


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