A and W came back from their first Gymnastics session absolutely full of enthusiasm for bars, beams and leotards and today we have had a gymnasium created on Minecraft and drawings of girls dressed in leotards.

A (6) has also lost one of her front teeth. It’s been hanging on a thread for ages and causing all kinds of eating problems but not so tonight. I wonder how long it will be before W loses her front tooth and will it be the same one? For now people, those who see us and struggle with identifying them there will be another way for you to spot the difference which is just as well as they’d been thinking of dressing the same purely to trick people. I wondered if that day would ever come and seems it might. They’ll never fool me!


It’s been mostly a day of medical appointments for myself with Twin Dad still holding the fort but we did manage to finish our South Pole book and have a small discussion upon completion with Twin Dad who has extreme weather mountaineering snow climate experiences to speak of too. Our own mini book club.

L bumped his time to almost half an hour of Maths Whizz and S had a burst on Khan Academy. I see these short grooves of Maths more like a short exercise session than anything else, beneficial in some fashion yet not too painful.

W read Mum Bug’s Bag easily whilst turning upside down between pages. A was thoroughly bored by the suggestion so only managed a few pages. These pages only have one or two sentences on each! At this point I was reminded of the dreaded school home reading scheme dramas we went through with S and figured there was little point. We will try again tomorrow. No big deal.

Movie Time. Planes.

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