Halloween Count Down

At 02.30 this morning myself and W (6) were weather watching out of the bedroom window. I hadn’t managed to sleep due to the stormy noise and eventually it woke W. Tired this morning.

Thus, first thing this morning was spent watching the news and looking at the photographs of various trees through car roofs, across roads, train tracks etc just to show the children what can happen during very strong winds.

Tomorrow a roofing contractor should arrive to assess the damage to our roof which clearly didn’t like the storm and is now leaking and has shown several large damp patches on one of the ceilings and has collected a very large bucket of water. This has caused S to be quite disgruntled to put it mildly as it causes disruption to her *space*. SIGH

It’s been a home day as the Animation Workshop part three was cancelled. More weather disruption.

L decided to use the BBC Bite size History site whilst S with small amount of help from me assisted A and W in painting faces on some decorations. Just need sticks now.


Costumes for our party are still being finalised. Twin Dad has made some fabulous bits worthy of any Theatre stage in my opinion.

It has to be noted that the 3 girls are extremely excited and certainly our two smalls find it hard at times to prevent their excitement spilling over into less than desirable behaviour. The thought of the two months wait until Christmas is not a pleasant one and I really wish the whole advertising/talks/plans would just quit til at least November time. Showing signs of Christmas from September is not a winner for us.

W got to a new level on Teach Your Monster to Read which catches her up to her twin. Also on the reading front, Lego Friends books arrived so we’ve been enjoying those.

Latest episode of Atlantis watched on TV among other shows and the Crazy Bones went to a cinema of their own.

From the back of the cinema

From the front of the cinema

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