Hayling Island Beach

A lot can happen in the space between publishing a post and the end of a day. Yesterday post publication was definitely an example of that with both Joyous and Appalling Moments.

It felt great to be walking to the post office instead of taking the car and the common spaces pretty much empty, being enjoyed by just a few. All that space to ourselves yet our competitive identical twins still managed to turn it into a battle at times just over a game of tag. We redeemed ourselves in the Charity shop with some lovely book purchases but nearly lost it again over who would carry the bags. A game of quick get home the black clouds are chasing us ensured the rest of the way was less painful.


Settling down with one either side of me to share the new books could have been reported as 100% lovely except for spotting the Meerkats (similar to Where’s Wally) turned into a competition and required more damage limitation. By the time Twin Dad returned home from work, I’d just about had enough and it was clear that both girls needed that bath and earlier night that I knew they needed the night before! So that’s what happened, bath more books mostly Egyptian themed and then asleep by 9pm.

This morning they woke far chirpier without any fighting over who was going downstairs first or who was sitting where on the sofa and we all managed (including S and L) a trip to Hayling Island Beach to meet some friends. Relaxed beach therapy for some and more energetic beach therapy for others. It’s all good.

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Back doing the same walk as the afternoon before and a game of tag still presented similar issues but not quite so bad. Horse racing and big cat running proved far more successful. They’re out on a bike ride now with Twin Dad. First thing they requested as soon as he walked through the door.


S and L are MCing. S has built a fabulous Wooden Lodge.

Oh and when I wasn’t looking A and W had created a crazy bone train across the floor. Everyone travelling in pairs with a total of 192.


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