Hello February

January has passed as we all knew it would! So, hello February!

We pootled the whole month of January away with very few trips out or new adventures except for our Center Parcs trip at the beginning of the month which was unfortunately laced with illness. There have been a few seafront walks, a South Downs walk and a Kingley Vale walk but most of the time we are opting to stay at home in the warm. We know we live in the wrong climate for our family! We’ve seen a few friends on occasion and S has been out with her friends from Theatre but we’ve not been massively social really. I guess a family of 6 is sociable enough in itself! Oh, we did enjoy a meal out with family in aid of waving off certain younger family members to their next adventures – Sri Lanka no less.

Errands and sorting out stuff in readiness for our next house move have also been taking place and will continue throughout February. Yes, we are on the move again and should be leaving Southsea by mid March. It’s time to set ourselves at the beginning of a new path. We need some new challenges and some new adventures – we are well ready.

Work, that’s Hippy Paste or Earth Conscious – has continued to take hours and hours of my time but the upside is working on something that I enjoy is not a chore and it fits with our family lifestyle and the fact that our children don’t go to school. This way, I am the full time parent/carer whereas another way would mean paying for external childcare.

S is back in full drama action with rehearsals for the various parts she has in the upcoming show at Kings Theatre. She’s also been filming for Head Spread a new YouTube channel. You’ll spot her in various episodes. This prompted interest from L wanting to know what his twin has been up to and so we have been looking for new You Tubers for him to enjoy. What with A and W and their viewing of toy collector type You Tubes, not to mention the viewing Twin Dad and I undertake via You Tube – it’s definitely a You Tube world in this house.

Also from the technology we still have Minecraft. Also some Teach Your Monster to Read sessions – going over old ground but reinforcing and practising. It’s all coming together.

L continues to play Roblox but is also teaching himself more coding.

Non techno play, W have been playing with Shopkins and I can see once again how play is learning. There are dozens and dozens of pictures being drawn of these toys, lists being written, how do you spell questions for Minecraft as they use this current toy as a build theme and make signs not to mention reading of the magazine and completing Quiz and crosswords.

A trip to the library as given us some new Horrid Henry reading material as well as books on Face Painting and Star Wars Crafts. We are also working our way through books and games  before we pack them away or give them up for good. We’ve rediscovered Shut The Box which A and W are really into. Monopoly has seen the light of day too.

Viewing, other than You Tube,  not much really. Various documentaries scattered about even one about the Nephilim whilst playing Pop to the Shops. David Attenborough, Dragons Den, Victorian Bakers, Hairy Bikers, The Voice, Adventure Time.

Yeah, so it’s all a bit laid back here aside of dealing with the usual family issues that prevent life from running smoothly and in harmony at times! One day at time patiently waiting but pro-actively working behind the scenes to see how things unfold knowing that change is around the corner for the year ahead. I like change, I have a brain that gets bored very easily. Oddly enough, even those members of our family who like routine, still like change. Like I said we are all well ready. The choice was given to the children, stay or go? They unanimously without hestiation said Go.

Will leave this post with the latest collection of dolls, girls, fashion drawings. I have the Shopkins drawings too but I’d already packed them away before photographing. Could run a blog just on the pictures the girls draw.


artwork artwork2 artwork3 artwork4


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