Hinton Ampner

Past few days have been busy with relays of dental appointments splattered with some very challenging and inharmonious moments in our home educating household.

We recovered ourselves today with a worthwhile trip to a National Trust Property namely Hinton Ampner covered under our Educator’s Membership. The combination of history in the house and beautiful gardens even in Winter was the balance required for our family dynamics. Although a Lego event at a museum was on our minds I feel we needed to breathe in the fresh country air and hug a few oak trees instead. Lego will keep.

The house was fabulous with some gorgeous pieces of furniture and an amazing chandelier. The staff were kind, informative and helpful. Really impressed. A few individuals really engaged with the children and much learning was shared. We even balanced clipboards with quizzes and were rewarded happily with medals and rounds of applause. We were the only children in the building and the staff seemed delighted to see us.

It was blooming cold though and a return trip will definitely be considered in June when apparently the scented garden is very special.

Other things noticeable. Our smallest pair are keen to write. They are copying words from anywhere. Odd words that can be read from the laptop screen like DELL or Inspiron but writing words all the same! Also requesting how to spell more and more words.

Currently in the middle of a Bee Gee come Horrible Histories Aztec Staying Alive come Lady Gaga Disco as I push publish.

Wine O’Clock.

2 thoughts on “Hinton Ampner

  1. Katie Pybus

    S is keen to return to Hinton Ampner as we only managed the downstairs part of the quiz before O disintegrated last Autumn. Might wait for warmer weather though

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