Home Alone and Taxi Cab Parenting

I found myself home alone at around 11.45 this morning. The silence obvious having been through a morning of uncomfortable trouser issues, can’t eat breakfast when there are baked beans around, discovery of two week old mouldy sarnies in rucksack followed by anxiety of the need to use a different rucksack due to the smell and all round other anxieties because L needs to be at Animation Workshop by 11am. Anyone who has a child with AS diagnosed or undiagnosed will know exactly what I mean and understand how challenging parenting can be. Meanwhile S needs to be at Theatre by 11am and we have a grocery shop that is also due at 11am due to being late (not my ordering cock up) and a courier collection which means one adult needs to be in and still a pair of 6 year old identical twins to care for.

We did laugh at the mouldy sandwiches.


With L at Animation, S at Theatre and the girls with TD on a jog/bike combo adventure as I said, I found myself home alone. Home Alone to unpack groceries, make S a lunch ready to collect her at 1pm to take her to Animation Workshop, prepare and cook curry for dinner and have a cup of tea before it was to time leave the house again. I feel like we are entering the *taxi cab* years of parenting.

S just had about enough time to tell me about her upcoming Pantomine before dropping her off to join her Twin at the Animation Workshop leaving just four of us on a mission to find winter welly boot socks and soft trousers for L. Note to myself I am not going shopping on a weekend between now and Christmas.

Back in the taxi cab red mpv to collect L and S at 4pm from their animation workshop to come home and settle for some Saturday altogether family time.


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