The Home Of Charles Darwin

Today we sat, talked, discussed, wandered and pondered at the place where Charles Darwin and his family lived for forty years whilst he worked on his theories and wrote the massively influential book “The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection”. The evidence and findings disclosed in his work have profoundly changed the way in which we view the world. Certainly as a family, we are very much interested and excited by Evolution and were very happy to be able to visit the place where all Darwin’s thoughts, evidence and findings came together on paper. 

It’s definitely worth a visit with lots to see including Darwin’s study, greenhouse, notebooks, dissection tools, manuscripts, family history, information about his voyages on the Beagle, how he might have lived on the Beagle, the grand piano in the dining room and the Bassoon which he played to the Earth Worms to see how they respond; they didn’t by the way it wasn’t the vibration that suited!
There is an even an *educational* room with hands on activities for the children that help explain his theories. Plus, the grounds, ideal for a spot of lunch and to get out and about alongside nature. All in all a successful home educating family day out. Oh and covered by our English Heritage membership too – hooray!
Our interest will continue with Darwin and Evolution. The gift shop reminded us of the movie *Creation* that my husband and I watched and would now be suitable for our eldest two. There were also some lovely noteworthy books to look up on Amazon and we must settle at some point if only to get our Tree of Life poster (which has been carried around now for several years) framed and placed on our wall.
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Twinbo 2 and his head is in the English Heritage guidebook which he now collects. In his words “Charles Darwin was the start of modern science. Without his theory of evolution we wouldn’t realise we are linked to Apes”.


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