Home Ed Halloween Disco 2014

There’s been a surge of new enquiries to our local home education group of late with some people taking the plunge and de-registering, others joining from other areas and people yet to stop by and meet up. It often happens at this time of year after the back to school period wears off.

For us in our sixth year of home education (if we calculate from our oldest pair leaving the system) it’s business as usual in the sense that we are yet again in that confusing and exciting stage as the season becomes more noticeable.

Autumn has really only just happened here and is mostly obvious now due to the high winds we had on Monday/Tuesday – leaves finally on the ground. I’d say there is a little more of a nip in the air but still no heating needed. It’s still mild.

The clocks going this weekend should help us shift our patterns and with some discussion about what we would like to achieve/include in our home ed colder season will will find our groove but for now we remain most definitely all over the place.

So far the week has consisted of Bowling Group on Monday whereby A and W and some of the friends spent much time polishing the floors with their bottoms and eveb whole bodies at times in between bowling and the older ones spent their time generally messing about with their friends in between bowling. It’s a weird one but the general consensus for the group seems to be a happy positive one.

Tuesday took us to Adventure group for some Tie Dye action. Personally, I feel the best activity yet but then I love a splash of colour. Great activity, perfect opportunity for an outdoor physical social for the kids too.



Wednesday and Thursday I scheduled in home days. Yes, scheduled in home days! It’s not the same for all home educators across the UK but here in a city with a thriving home ed community it’s become necessary to schedule in home days. These days were allowing for the flexibility of a trip to an art exhibition we wanted to get to but the chance to view a possible house for a move swayed us to not bother. Baking and cooking is back on the up with batches of cakes for our Halloween Disco plus a whole bunch of raw vegan recipes for the fridge.  A splash of Khan Academy and Reading Eggs the only things that vaguely look like anything *school* and even then they hardly look like *school* the way we do them.

A and W have been reading to me. Still making progress.

Bringing us finally round to the Home Ed Halloween Disco 2014. Overall a big success but sadly a big crashing negative for L. I’m not even going to go there just leave you positively with some pictures.

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 DSC_0789 (1)

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