This Is Our Home Educating Monday

Both A and W raced through *Dad’s Birthday* and *Mum’s New Hat* last night mostly because they were keen to look at Gorilla’s in an animal book instead but also because they are getting the hang of this reading malarkey.

A is really keen on Gorilla’s now since we watched Mighty Joe Young. A trip to London Zoo is on our list but til then we’ve been watching mountain Gorilla clips on You Tube.

5 lots of bacon, eggs and toast the breakfast order this morning. The last order at 1030 am from S. This is our home educating Monday. Joy!

W remains mostly interested in Dinosaurs but A is just as keen. We attempted to learn how to draw Dinosaurs using a book we picked up just recently plus a Dinosaur land has been created across the living room floor.

20140120_124106 20140120_125753

S and L have been looking at Life Processes and Cells using books and the web in an attempt to broaden our knowledge of Biology. I often find myself amazed and amused in equal measures at how much they already know without a single day in school or a professional teacher/tutor over the past 5 years proving that learning is happening all of the time and information is readily available everywhere.

Aside of the obvious Educational benefits to understand ourselves and the world around us, it may prove useful for S if she decides to pursue *Animals* as a future career. ┬áPresently she is keen on performing (acting), working with Animals (possibly a Steve Backshall kind of career although maybe not as dangerous), fashion, and Art with the mention of Art College as long as it doesn’t take too long. L is firmly set on the video gaming industry.

We still sit on the fence with qualifications particularly GCSE’s but keeping options open seems to be the obvious route right now at not quite age 12.

Other than 20 mins on Whizz for L which he chose to do first thing this morning and the Life Processes and Cells stuff, he has been in his favourite spot, Minecrafting. He’s added a shop now to the server for players to buy stuff with MC currency. I think we have 24 white listed now which is maybe larger than we had wanted or anticipated. S is having her turn as I type.

Chicken’s in the oven ready for a late roast ready for when the girls return from their second gymnastics session. They are now wearing leotards and mean business!

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