Home educating this Century and the 17th Century

This post was going to be *Hello October 2015* and commenting on the warm weather but due to lack of time to blog, it’s now 10 days in and the weather has been both warm and wet. Anyway, I’m here now, let’s see what I can recall about our unschooling lifestyle since September’s entry?

South Downs and Ups while the birds of prey fly the downs and ups!




Perhaps a little more exciting and eventful was our trip to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. Not our first trip, we went back in 2012, blog post here. New additions this trip with A and W both keen and and the Hogwarts Express that wasn’t there before. Plus, we managed to lose S (13) for a while which wasn’t altogether panic given her age and we had said she could wander ahead but we didn’t figure she would gallop and not look back! Fortunately S was one of the few dressed as Harry Potter, if not the only one so the security personnel where able to locate her pretty easily after Twin Dad and I had searched the whole place three times over. She was at the very last place outside of the tour, in the gift shop unphased!

The fun continued with a long weekend visit from Grandad D. The sun shined enabling us to enjoy the seafront walks

DSC_2205-1024x576and have a lovely gallivant to Beaulieu Motor Museum which had been on our list for a while. We had a fun ride on the mono rail, a couple of rides on the bus, an excellent value for money ice-cream plus a stroll around the house. The Motor Museum cars and bikes were interesting and we were pleased to see Del Boy’s three wheeler, the Harry Potter car, a Bond car and we got to sit on a number 51 London double decker a route that both my Dad and I would have travelled on in the past given that was the area that we lived. I thought the Top Gear exhibition was particularly good and never realised what the programme was about. I had previously thought it would be enormously dull with talk of motoring however, some of their crazy creations and challenges have changed my mind. Shame it’s not on now though.

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Other activities have included Theatre group for S, A and W where they are now practising for the next show in February being staged at the Kings Theatre. Parts have been cast so S has lots of lines to learn. Also at the Kings Theatre, S, L wand Twin Dad went to a Hollywoods Special Effects Shows which was apparently a lot of fun with lots of explosions.

S has also been to her Art Tutor and has finished her 26 page comic! Now just need to organise a workshop whereby she can share with others some of the skills she has learned.

At home S and L continue on with IGCSE English completing Unit 1. We don’t seem to have time to do more, life is just too full of other stuff. Not that it’s not enjoyable although it does seem a little ridiculous and for that reason, it’s not going to be priority in our lives right now. I think L will progress further than S simply as he has more time on his hands at the moment.

Reading material for L is still First News, PC Gamer Magazines, The Beaulieu History Guide, The Politics Book and some new Minecraft hacking books. Audio wise he didn’t enjoy Millions by Frank Cotterell Boyce but has enjoyed Grandpa’s Great Escape by David Walliams. Have also just uploaded Ursula Le Guin’s, A Wizard of Earthsea as apparently this is the inspiration behind Harry Potter?

A and W have expired the free trial on reading eggs and math seeds but we won’t be subscribing for now. There seems to be more enjoyment and more progress as they continue more naturally in day to day life asking what this says or how to write that when it occurs adhoc. One of the tasks from the IGCSE English was to describe a desert island that you might be stranded on. A (8) decided to join in with that idea and she drew Azkaban so we labelled the drawing. Other examples might be the drawings they are copying at the moment from images on Google that have words so not only are they copying the drawings they are copying the words too. They put pen to paper all day every day when at home. Mostly drawing after drawing but the words do appear more frequently. We have some fantastic Harry Potter drawings and more recently Halloween related drawings.

As well as Harry Potter, Horrid Henry has been enjoyed and Alvin and the Chipmunks.

More getting back to nature with a 3 hour walk around Chidham. Check out the smiley faced spider we spotted.


DSC_2280-1024x576Home Ed Regular activities have included a Laser Quest blast for S and L at the Historic Dockyards whilst A and W climbed the walls and we’ve also been to our regular adventure playground meet ups.

One of the most noteworthy events alongside the HP mention above is a home ed trip I organised to a 17th Century Village tucked away in the middle of Gosport! Little Woodham was a truly wonderful day out. The villagers totally engaged with everyone happily sharing the stories of their era. We met the woodcutter, the blacksmith and the potter not to mention the mistresses weaving, cooking, making bread and of course the resident witch. We came away having learned so much and we really did have fun – the best way to learn anything. Check out our friends blog over at Educating Hannah as she has much better photos than I which will encourage you to go along.

DSC_2292-1024x576 DSC_2295-1024x576


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