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Since our trip to Kew on Sunday it’s been a closer to home few days. There could well be more of this given the rest of our summer season seems to be defined by school summer holidays thus we avoid the over crowded spaces.

Something we haven’t done for a while is go to the library but L asked to go this week. We found a larger section on Manga Graphic Novels and came away with a large encyclopaedia type book on video games. A and W came away with books on Gorilla and Dinosaurs.

Regular stuff has included swimming at the beach and Monday Gymnastics for A and W but towards the latter part of the week they’ve both ended up with colds and more wobbly teeth and generally not feeling on top of their game. Another sign of mirror twins with the opposite front teeth appearing. They don’t like wobbly teeth. Funny, but I don’t remember wobbly teeth being an issue for our older pair. They are all different.

L’s trip to the doctor’s this week has uncovered that his Asthma is back and he is now back on medication. We left the Asthma behind with the school in Essex and had no problems while living rurally in Suffolk, Spain or Cambridgeshire. Maybe the winter virus triggered it and the City (despite it being the City on the Sea) air is aggravating it. It’s just another reason to leave in my opinion.

New stuff this week has included a boat trip around Emsworth Harbour with the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust. We happened to go last year too but this year will be our last. I should have realised that we had exhausted the event last year but I like boats and sunshine so we went. The children perked up with Ice-Cream.

Both S and L started their Silver Arts Award programme this week however L has bailed out of this current set of workshops so we will be adjusting to suit the individual needs and interests. The workshops are being held at Fort Nelson with a theme of *Light Graffiti* and S has really enjoyed working down in the dark tunnels.

Other than the workshops, S has been drawing Manga cartoon strips. All very art based her interests at present.

There’s still a lot of arithmetic floating about from A and W in the shape of lots of questions whether it be on car journey’s or otherwise. We even got out some workbooks as they appear keen on this subject at the moment. Lots of bricks and glass beads being counted. More interestingly they are using Mario Kart on the Wii as a way of understanding number placement. “Which number is bigger Mum, 42 or 31”? I guess if they were in school they would have been pushed through this already interested, ready or not but here in our home ed choice we just go with the flow with no race to win except Mario!

L has quickly put together something for our up and coming Home Ed Comic and said Yes to and enjoyed a spontaneous *boys* beach and swimming trip when his Grandad M came knocking on the door with two of L’s male cousins. Otherwise he has been at Mission Control but is very keen to learn Photoshop. Next on the list of jobs to facilitate.

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