Despite the lingering colds, I’m feeling quite hopeful today. The birds are appearing in the garden and the skies are looking less grey. This is all good. To say that we have been living in the moment of just getting through each day would be an understatement. I’m not kidding myself that living one day at time is over yet nor the need for more work, work and more work but I am hopeful that making some other plans for the future could well be getting closer.It seems we are spending so much time reading and watching stuff at the moment opposed to getting out and about.  I combat the frustration and worry of this by reflecting upon our lives prior to these past 8 months and particularly the past 3 winter months. Our lifestyle was always very much out and about and I am hopeful that we will get back to that soon.

I spent some of the morning clearing down photographs from my laptop whilst the girls were happily engrossed in some Lego building and my son was happily glued to the computer. He does do “other stuff” honestly he does it’s just Roblox is his special interest right now.

Twinbo 2 has been reading this…..
My littlest twins and I discovered some more Anthony Browne books. We just love the artwork in these.
I read Antony and Cleopatra to the my eldest.

We started to watch Victorian Farm which goes some way towards the Victorian topic we dabbled with back in January.  This programme alone has thrown up a whole heap of other questions.  I love the way home-ed works in this way.  A question comes up and we can stop and take our time to answer, explore it more deeply or decide to add it to a list of things to do next.  We have both the time and the flexibility to do so.  This is another positive of home-ed that makes me feel grateful that we have this choice.

And now, I must focus my attention back towards my gang who are busily painting beside me and the recipe I am testing out for dinner. Tasty Tossed Lamb with Sweet Potato.  Sounds Yum, let’s hope it will be.

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