Housebound Home Ed Challenge

Housebound Home Ed Challenge this week is nearly over. Missing Twin Dad now and looking forward to him coming home Friday/Saturday for a few days. Working hard he his but it’s all good progress towards our Master Plan. 
Today we started on a ready made Food & Nutrition curriculum that we found via this fellow home-educator and blogger.  The link to the actual curriculum is here. We don’t normally sign up for curriculum preferring to put our own stuff together by collating bits and bobs from various sources.  However, this was cheap and it’s kind of nice having everything ready to follow.
Other stuff has been pretty much finishing our Marbling Ink Collage. Not sure whether to paint the frame or add some black silhouette words or figures or maybe drawing faces or things we see in the shapes or just leave it as it is.  For now this is how it is looking.
We’ve also been bringing the sunshine to us with some more colourful Mandalas.

Twinbo 2’s new Wii game arrived in the post; spending more of his own money. It looks really good and he informs me he is impressed. It’s one of those games whereby you enter into a world as a character and have a mission to complete whilst building, creating and living in your world. Today he said he was farming…..You can find more about it here. It looks enchanting.

Roman Mysteries arrived also. We’ve seen the series before on CBBC but Twinbo 1 really liked it and asked if she could have her own set; she learns much using the medium of television and film.

Filled in our National Trust Educator’s membership. For anyone Home Educating out there that’d didn’t realise you can get a home educator’s yearly membership for £36. It can only be used during term time but that’s cool because that’s when we benefit from uncrowded venues etc.

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  1. Jane @ northernmum

    Hullo! I am new here – total respect for coping with two sets of twins! I have one set and a singleton and that is hard enough.

    Loved the post if I could change my work situation I would love to home educate.

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