How Many Sleeps Is It Now?



Rainy and grey today and with W unwell for the second time this winter (temperature, sore throat, headache) we remain mostly home bound and tied to the sofa. There has been explanations about the Water Cycle on the back of questions about rain from W. You Tube proving ever useful with video clips.

Monsters University has been watched several times, Horrible Histories and Arthur.

Usual Minecrafting taking place for all. A is currently in to building an Egyptian Land. We’ve also been pinning Ancient Egyptian stuff and making Pectorals out of paper plates.



The past few days has seen S at her last Theatre Group session for the year which means next Saturday is free from working life around that schedule. She’s been stitching, making, creating, and drawing whilst sat in front of the TV but has also begun to learn how to use the sewing machine courtesy of Twin Dad who is far more proficient than I at such things. A trip out of the house, just the two of us in search of gifts for her friends a rare treat to have just Mother and Daughter number 1 time.

L has had more social time at a Christmas Party suited to the interests of it’s members, mostly Nerf Guns.

Board games are featuring more during these colder months and we have a new addition which is a Continent Themed Twister. I’m sure there will be photographs soon. Although A and W know their Left from Right it does become confusing so we’ve taken to writing L and R on hands and feet. Plenty fun. The game did prompt S (11) to enquire more about continents and compass directions – more learning happening naturally as it crops up. Brainpop and our Atlas books came in useful.

L remains unbeaten at Stratego and his Maths Age is on the up now he is using Maths Whizz again.

Most amusing sight to behold for me has been watching L trying to negotiate holding his Newspaper whilst eating Bacon and Eggs. He gets the paper first leaving S to wait for him to finish. In fairness, she does get up much later than everyone else.

A and W prior to W’s un-wellness have been enjoying a blanket den in their bedroom. Picnics, sharing books, drawing, setting challenges all part of the Guinea Pig Club.

20131213_213031 20131213_213039

Chocolate Cookies and Mince Pies making up the home made Christmas Baking. Roast dinners and plenty of veg otherwise.



glowjars drawingsAnd that is how we have been un-schooling these past few days.

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