It’s been all about film today. We took off to the local cinema to the Junior Picture morning which for the grand total of £16 had 8 of us enjoying a film called Hugo. Directed by Scorsese, produced by John Depp with a whole heap of well known actors. it’s a movie about an Orphan called Hugo living in the walls of a train station in Paris circa 1930s. It’s an adventure that connects Hugo with George Melies an old man currently a shop keeper and the story unfolds to reveal something far more interesting.  Well worth a watch and a popcorn munch.

After which we braved the onslaught of Essex shoppers to kit our littlest twins with new shoes.  I am pleased to report it was an easy task and one shop did the job no messing. Phew.
Home for delicious roast lamb except for Twinbo 2 who has a very sore tooth and needs an emergency dentist.  A call to NHS direct and we will see if we can get him to Tuesday with soup and pain relief as necessary until we can sort out a dentist somewhere nearby.

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