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Frankie Stein by S (12)

A carpet picnic supper was on the agenda last night due to the Venison fail.

We also saw a return interest in Moshi Monsters website for both A and W but more surprisingly Reading Eggs for A (6). Fortunately when she asked to go on it I managed to find a two week free trial. I would be reluctant to sign again unless I can see this as something she will not tire of again quickly and a good discount comes around. Having said that she is definitely more keen to work on her reading and writing skills than W. It maybe that certain things are just starting to click or maybe it’s because she is ready and even sees a need for the skills.

In comparison at 4.5, L and S were already part of the reading scheme race that existed in the system. L was reading pretty much as soon as he started and S struggled and became frustrated until we stopped school and ditched the school requirement of reading the books that the school chose every day and night. Between ages 7 and 9 along our home educating journey, she began to enjoy reading again and mastered the skill so by 9 she was independently reading. Harry Potter books were her thing and now she will read anything she deems interesting. She reads a lot. She loves comics. I, on the other hand, was reading prior to school age. Twin Dad loathed reading and struggled (also Dyslexic) but in adulthood he reads anything and everything he is interested in also. It’s a unique journey for everyone and far less painful if it happens without the pressure of which reading material to read and age limits for achievement. These are purely my observations.

As we were enjoying the *I wonder Why book on Pyramids* last night before sleep time around 930pm, W was turning upside down on her bed presenting only a bottom and feet whilst sharing her knowledge and asking questions. They naturally like to move their bodies. Both Twin Dad and I confirmed our decision that a classroom from 9am to 3pm would be the last place suitable for our 6 year old twin girls. It’s a choice we made for our own family and not to say that it would be the right choice for everyone but it does work for us.

On to today and it’s L’s turn to feel under the weather. It’s definitely a case of man flu. He does illness so very differently from our 3 girls. From the sofa he’s finished another Zelda Book, read some of the Human Body Sticker book and managed one of the first word games in his Adventure Time Mad Libs book. Clearly having PC withdrawals he took to his bed where he could use his laptop for a fix.

S (12) walked herself to and from Theatre Group today. Growing up. Its a very short walk but does have 3 Roads (one on a roundabout) but plenty of daylight, shops and houses and people. I watched from our third floor windows until she was out of sight and waited the 2 minutes until she rang to tell me she was in the building.

In comparison, at 8/9 I was out riding my bike, roller skating or at the park for hours on end away from home. At 12 I was catching public transport to take me the 3 miles to school, going to the cinema with friends, shopping with friends and out playing the streets after school.

The marks came in from S’s and L’s first week of Minecraft Homeschool. Full marks for build 1. Very pleased with themselves. The new week’s task is a powerpoint presentation to read which they have both completed already followed by a website to read and a couple of video’s to watch before taking a quiz and commencing related building work. The subject matter, Ostia-Antica. This is just an example of how we are learning here in today’s digital video gaming world, not a text book in sight.

In comparison at 12, I can barely recall anything learned from my schooling in History or Geography that year although surely I must have learned something? I recall, sitting in a crappy classroom with black out curtains, old flip top desks stuck together by other people’s chewing gum, listening to a rather strange person aka history teacher, copying from a black board and writing in an exercise book and feeling altogether bored and easily distracted by anything else.

Sitting with A whilst she played on Reading Eggs today I can see the progression she has made with reading. We laughed at how ridiculous some of the images were. W doesn’t want to use Reading Eggs (although that might change) and instead we sat together and finished a workbook we have been using. Today’s pictures needed *green goo* to make them look better….

Another two chapters of Frankenstein read aloud during what we called a chocolate break. S and L said it’s a pretty horrible story. I agree.

Other than that, Twin Dad has been at work but returned with enough time still to take A and W out in the gorgeous sunshine leaving L in peace in his bed, S practising Red Stone Lab builds and me on admin.


Venus McFly Trap by A (6)

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