Incredible Creatures

Home educating life for us this past week has been evenly shared in and out.

Out for L and Twin Dad who took a visit to the Portsmouth City Museum to see the latest video gaming exhibition in collaboration with Game Over. Really enjoyed that. Meanwhile S was a theatre whilst myself A and W got to visit BFFs.

Out for a second go at footie kick-around group which L seems to enjoy. A full session this week and the next day his body ached. Great exercise and social. It’s working out so far. The girls have to take the journey with us but they have no interest in participating. Fortunately, there is a park so the girls hang out there for a bit.

Out again with another fairly long drive to attend Jaws n Claws but it was worth it. A large group of home ed families joined together in a hired hall to meet some extraordinary, incredible creatures. It was really good fun and educational too. Some of the creatures had been rescued from situations so good to see them well cared for now. We came away still only wanting cats or horses thankfully!

tortoise toad scorpion rosetarantula python skink millipede anaconda beardeddragon

Out again for more animal adventures with A and W still thrilled to be horse riding at last.

ridinga riding

A full 7 day circle, out again for S this time with Theatre School and a sleepover with friends.

Bringing us round to In. At home it’s a digital world.

Horses for A and W where they continue their fixation with the Star Stables pc game. There really isn’t much else to report for our 9 year old’s. Maybe the odd book at bedtime, Planet Earth II with Sir David A and the odd YouTube video but even then it’s more about Star Stables. The do know a lot about different breeds, are working on their literacy skills all of the time (typing and spelling) not to mention it’s a social as they play with others. They haven’t quite mastered saving yet…..the weekly coins come in but they spend, spend, spend.

L has three games that are totally different from one another. He’s returned to Roblox where he enjoys accumulating wealth, continues on with Democracy 3 to rule the country and dabbles with farming on Stardew Valley. L has also taken up Conquer Maths in preparation for potentially deciding to take a GCSE or IGCSE in the subject. His decision. See what happens. L is also amused by The Apprentice with Sir Alan Sugar.

S continues to sing a lot and Skype with friends. At least that is what can be heard from behind closed doors! She has expressed an interest in an Art college course next year (she will be 15) but we are just working out the finer details before we commit. She has also taken up Conquer Maths to see how far she can progress with Maths just in case it is a necessity at College alongside the Art course.

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