Indoor Gardening

Last night W and I, snuggled in bed, finished a phonic style book we had been sharing together. Meanwhile A spotted *Wally* alongside Twin Dad.

Awake between the hours of 3am and 530am has afforded me a fuzzy brain coupled with a tired lagging feeling all day. I’ve pushed on through as the house has been a hive of activity regardless.

Indoor gardening on the menu for the morning with planting our broad bean sprouted seeds as part of a pollination project. I should find the link but I’m too tired to bother. ¬†Yes that’s compost on our dining room table!

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A Zelf puppet show took place having created some more Zelf drawings. A and W (still 6) put it all together themselves and I just sat back and enjoyed. It still takes up the living room space as we speak.


Large Suma order collected from friend’s house after lunch plus an Ocado shop delivered meant the kitchen was chaotic but still managed brownies and cookies for consumption today/tomorrow.

L (12) had a home-ed friend over this afternoon to teach him Game Maker. Really great at sharing his knowledge, L created his first game using the software. S joined in eventually once she’d finished blogging and there was much laughter and banter over Adventure Time, Minecraft, Comics and other shared interests. L now has much to think about reference his desire to create video games. Does he really want to learn how to code or does he just love playing the games. What other subjects might he need to study to keep on track for this possible career path. Does he want to apply himself just yet? It will unfold and I look forward to helping him with whatever he decides.

The girls have left the house today with Twin Dad for various tasks.

Hoping for an early night as we have a gallivant planned for tomorrow.

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