Inspired by Friends

No intention of leaving the house today except Twin Dad for work. It’s about balancing the needs and interests of everyone and they all seem to require home days as well as out days.

Home based today has allowed L to catch up on skype and video gaming in general. He even slotted in a Maths Whizz session but I think he’s through with using it again and doubt we will renew this month.

S inspired by a letter and fabulous drawings from some home ed friends over at Four Pesky Hobbits has been creating a new blog.

A also inspired by the same friends has been drawing pictures ready to send by return post.

W, I am loathed to report, is running warm again. She completed one lesson on Reading Eggs but the rest of the time she has been snuggled up with the Tablet or a movie. She’s enjoying Rio as we speak whilst A is out on a bike ride with Twin Dad.

I have used the time to work and scheme and make some plans for our second twin birthday of the year plus research and coordinate some opportunities surrounding the ongoing project of video gaming interest.

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