It just happens

End of October and yes it’s turned colder but it’s still very mild. No heating requirement other than the odd blast to dry washing.

A vist to Bracklesham to visit friends. Lots of climbing, crazy golf and a jaunt to the sea front.



brackelsham3A trip to Marwell with Nanny & Grandad. We’ve been many times before but we always get something new out of it each time we go. This time we learned much from the Keepers about the Big Cats and watched the Tigers and Leopards during their feeding time.

tigerlizardpenguinFurther afield took us to Wrest Park in Bradford so that S could finally meet her online friend in real life. Two home educating families meeting up for a home ed family blind date. It’s perfectly normal in the home ed world! No doubt we will meet up again soon.


Also a trip to Kidzania in London kindly organised by Life Love and Literature. Definitely worth a visit for younger kids. Our 8 year olds really enjoyed it but I’d say that is pretty much the top end age group as it’s fairly dumbed down. Having said that our teens still had a fun day out. They worked for The Gourmet Burger company and enjoyed the burgers afterwards, made smoothies for Innocent, worked for a power company and an air conditioning unit, worked in the Vault,  became fashion models for H&M and worked in the recycling centre to name but a few. However, the firm favourite was the Courier job. Easy money apparently and they enjoyed delivering the boxes.

drumming courier h&mYet another trip to London but this time in two parts with S going to Comic Con with her friends and the rest of us going to Canada Water to shop for winter necessities in a store we like there plus a drive around Docklands and a drive over Tower Bridge. I’m really not sure why the children weren’t exicted by the DLR!? In my day it was quite something and I remember clearly when it was finished and that first ride from Bank.


towerbridgeAt home we have a Halloween Board of Art.


Not really sure what else has been going on, just the usual learning as we go along. Conversation, googling, skyping, minecrafting, watching You Tube, reading, TV, going places, drawing, fixing food….. It’s hard to remember all the details without blogging daily and I don’t have any *we sat down and did some Maths* to report because we just don’t do that school kind of thing. Just have to take my word for it that learning is happening all of the time for all of us – it just happens, it just does!


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