It Looked A Bit Like This

Trying to recall the events of last week but I know by blogging this way we miss out the small stuff, shame. Anyway, it looked a bit like this.

Started the week off with a rainy Footy & Fitness session but A and W didn’t seem to care. Much fun. Overall the weather has been typically changeable but we’ve seen a lot of blue skies and the temperatures are still very mild.

A friend came over for a sleepover on Monday night and introduced L to a new game, Magic The Gathering. Twin Dad, A and W and myself had left the three of them to watch Gravity and play Magic. I could hear quiet chat and laughter at midnight from the living room that had been transformed into a tween/teen sleepover but they were really considerate of us sleeping upstairs and they were up before we were! Love home education and the flexibility it affords us all.

Tuesday took us to Laser Quest and the climbing wall at Action Stations with home ed friends. L had yet another success; two first place highest scores on both games. While we waited for S and L and friends to laser one another, I attempted the wall much to the delight of A and W. Didn’t like it so much.


On the way home we stopped at a local speciality game shop to pick up some Magic The Gathering cards. L spent a whopping £40 and is totally kitted out and ready to indulge in his new found interest. Can you imagine my surprise when we came home and he went to his room and didn’t switch on his PC?! I am absolutely delighted he has found another interest that doesn’t involve sitting in front of a screen – not to devalue his video gaming interest but I am truly happy for him. It’s refreshing to see him expanding his horizons, enjoying the company of friends and feeling excited about stuff.

Wednesday saw A and W on their first play date without me at their friends house. Mostly in the home ed world, but not always, play dates involve the whole family, as we spend much time getting to know everyone so it seems a very natural thing to do. It changes slightly as they get older.

Thursday we had a gorgeous home day except for a trip to the post office, shop and our local park/lake to see the black swans. We continue to schedule home days in the interests of balance.


Friday back out again, this time with our second home ed group visit to Marwell. Fantastic day, great company, the weather was kind, fresh air, exercise, no crowds, the animals weren’t all shy and the park spaces proved immensely popular as always. In fact, the red panda actually moved leaving us satisfied that it was indeed not a soft toy version (after three visits and the same spot we were beginning to wonder) and a Rhino chose to park it’s rear right in front of us for a pee – best seats in the house!

DSC_0776 DSC_0772 DSC_0773 DSC_0768 DSC_0786

Which wraps us round to the weekend where some home ed friends who now live in another part of the UK stopped by to say hi together with some other home ed friends of ours. A few hours of eating, chatting, playing with 7 out of a possible 11 children (there were some missing, including S who was busy at theatre group and L who was busy in his room playing with a friend who had come round for Magic the Gathering and Minecraft).

Thinking what else I could throw in? Cat Watch documentaries, reading, designing cards, drawing, conversations, questions, discussions.

Learning as we’re living.

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