It Looks Like Christmas

Since I recorded last, it feels like life continues to be immensely busy and the feeling of not enough hours in the day remains. Knowing that much of the time has been taken up by work related issues and planning for Christmas it seems that December is a little inconvenient in many ways. It’s disruptive to the flow. It upsets the balance yet we want to participate and have a special time anyway.

S has been to her Fashion Design Class and continues to be really excited by it. She can’t wait to bring home her finished piece.

We have all been to the Wednesday Adventure Playground albeit for the last half of the regular session as we had a clothes shopping mission to take care of first. It worked well actually as Louie’s friend O turned up soon after we arrived and the hour or so we stayed was plenty enough for L. Actually he has a new friend too so tells me he wants to go Wednesday Group next week too. Looks like it could well be back on the regular menu.

Christmas Crafts are continuing with ice lolly stick snowflakes.


snowflakepink Snowflakeblue

L has also had a much needed hair cut and I’m booked in for next Thursday – a rare treat. Actually, I discovered that one of our newer home ed mum friends is a hairdresser and for us, having someone come to the house works well – no childcare required!

Dental check up’s for S and L with another bunch of new students. More home educated questions from the fascinated. L compared questions with S and asked me if the Dentists have a script because they are so similar. I explained that it’s all part of the job to make the small talk when you have clients. More insight into the social world being learned. On the walk back, we decided to take the seafront route and attempted to race a¬†Brittany Ferry. Invigorating stuff. I think I definitely prefer the seafront in the Winter with it’s mostly unused wide open spaces and when we leave we will definitely miss the ship spotting. Actually, it’s probably me who will the miss the ship spotting as I am the one who seems to shout *ooh look there’s a ferry*. I guess it’s the knowledge that these ships are carrying passengers to other places that excites me. Ever the wanderlust.


A and W have kept up the really difficult behaviour mode although it seems to have simmered since the Home Ed Christmas Disco is now done and dusted. I really see this as a winter pattern coupled with the excitement of Christmas being just, well, too much for them and the fact that both Twin Dad and I have had an increased workload which has left them with less attention than they require/would like. Contemplating a non-traditional style Christmas next year.

In between trying to manage the *diva* over excited emotional related behaviour we have been reading Puddle Lane Books, watching Black Beauty, mostly drawing and pulling out games and puzzles that have been sat on the shelves for too long. Any we still like we keep, the rest we are done with will be passed on.


Spot the horse climbing the table

Friday night saw us at the Home Ed Christmas Disco we arranged for the children. We hired a hall and a DJ with lights etc, made fruit cocktails and had a sweetie tuck shop. Everyone had a great time even L who didn’t want to go but turned out he met a new friend and all is right with the world! We are planning another one in February. Hooray! We are very fortunate to have a supportive, friendly bunch of home educating families and I do believe that it makes the home ed journey so much more positive for it.



Today we decided to put up the Tree. In reality, it means turning the living areas around completely, moving the furniture. I love moving furniture. It is a long standing habit of mine.

Meanwhile S attended Theatre Group for 4 hours as they are now focusing on a panto production in February. L Minecrafted and A and W generally played/climbed on the newly moved around furniture – keeping it fresh! Plenty of furry animals had fun on the undressed tree for a while.

Eventually and collectively we all dressed the Tree. It now looks like Christmas.

Christmas Corner

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