It’s All About The Fashion

The I might start blogging daily comment on the last blog was exactly that *might* as here I am skipping a day already. Just too busy with Monster High Fashion Shows taking over the house. If their not on the catwalk they are in dance competitions, selling outfits in a shop (£1,000 per pair of shoes) or queuing for a check up! This Monster High play is totally focused and serious business. It last for hours and hours. A reminder to me how always rushing around being here there any everywhere prevents this kind of thing happening and trust me this kind of play is really important for our children.

IMG_20150428_202705848 IMG_20150428_194417698The MH fashion show was filmed in its entirety which included a range of carefully selected backing music depending on who was on the catwalk, a change of outfit for each doll plus the explanations of who was on the runway wearing what. We have the video to keep with our other family memories. How great is this going to be to look back on. W has asked to go to real catwalk show so that’s now added to our list of things to do – somehow.

The realities of this kind of play can further be seen in the photos below. There are signs starting to appear around the house.


DSC_1710 DSC_1712

In non Monster High news, despite having a croaky chesty cough, we have managed to finish our read aloud book *Wonder*. A lovely book. We’ve stopped on the way through to google parts from the book and this last part saw us searching for the song “The Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side” by The Magnetic Fields. We’ve added the films *Elephant Man* and *Close Encounters* to our viewing list. We really enjoyed the precepts and have already thought about our own and no doubt will think of more going forward. So much to be gained from this wonderful book (no pun intended) but mostly the words brave and kind shine through.

“Be yourself for yourself not somebody else for somebody else” – S

“The world is your playground but treat it kindly” – L

It’s only 4pm, anything could happen between now and bedtime!

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