It’s All About The Twin Divas

A positive and negative everywhere you look; it’s the balance of life.

Positive: Wonders will never cease, the girls actually got up this morning without demanding that I leap out of bed with my eyes still closed and my brain not yet moved into functioning gear. There is no time for parent to wake up in this house unless you want to risk an identical twin drama. Their diva issues with chocolate milk and what to have on their toast, fluffy PJ hunting, blanket demanding, television viewing whilst arguing over where to sit was absolutely non-existent. OK so not every morning do they have a diva fit over things but often enough for me to mention it! The absence of all of the above is an absolute first! I heard them upstairs giggling and talking to Twinbo 1 who amazingly was awake probably in anticipation of Theatre session today.

Thespian session today a long one from 10:30am through 2:00pm with the rest of us filling the gap at home.

Negative: The girls made up for their most excellent morning behaviour with plenty of identical twin fighting both in play and in anger today. This is physical. Possibly this particular phase is down to Twin Dad being away. Fortunately he is back tonight so perhaps they will calm down for a day or so. *breath*

We tackled wine gum building having already tried Marshmallow building. Easier and works far better with wine gums.

Monster High’s have been dressed and generally given a good sort out for half of them were missing arms!
Meanwhile Twinbo 2 built an ATM on Minecraft and generally got a good fill of his favourite past time.

Twinbo 1 took her turn at Minecraft upon her return. Everyone doing their own thing, dinner prepared, blog done and now looking forward to Britain’s Got Talent, The Voice and Twin Dad’s return.

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