It’s August then!

So much can happen in a week…..

I have to look back at my phone photographs to remember what’s been going on and I immediately wonder why I have photographs of the sky? Then I remember, the America’s Cup was on last weekend and there was a flying display happening over our heads whilst we sat on the Southsea Shingle.

On a different day, we took off for Butser Hill, a favourite hill walk of ours. You generally only see a handful of people so it’s a great place to escape when the mood takes. No Adder’s spotted this time but there’s still much to spot if you look close enough.

DSC_1979 (1)

Lots of cartwheel and tumbles being practised. Discovered that I can still cartwheel, albeit very slowly and without straight legs but enough to build up to a really good one if I keep trying!

DSC_1983 (1) DSC_1981 (1)

Making use of our local spaces, we’ve met friends at the beach, Nanny and Grandad have been to visit with a seafront jaunt out for ice-cream and a visit to The Royal Marines Museum which is now covered by the Historic Dockyard Pass. L and Twin Dad have been before and to be honest I wasn’t interested and neither were the girls really. It’s just too much war. The assault course is of course very appealing to our climbers.


More unusual events when Twin Dad, A and W went on one of their daily swimming adventures. This time they came back with a Spotted Ray Fish that had unfortunately been caught on an abandoned snapped fishing line the night before. Twin Dad tried to revive it but it was too late, so they brought it home to eat.


Today we escaped to the South Downs for a lovely sunny stroll. Nice, peaceful countryside and a sheep’s jaw.

DSC_2001 DSC_2009

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