It’s Just Another Manic Thursday

I decided to log our day or try to capture as much as I could; a home-educating 4 children whilst living at my Dad’s in the Fens having been stuck indoors for three days due to heavy rain and washing now needs dealing with kind of day.  I apologise now for the length but I know this is the real kind of non shiny post that I will enjoy looking back later on in life. STOP reading now if you have a life!

  • Beds stripped. This is totally the wrong day to be doing this but I do it anyway.
  • Kingsize bed now resembles the Ice Age with white duvets, mattress protectors and pillows – perfect for little girls to play in!
  • First load goes in.
  • Twinbo 1 & 2 have finished making a Chocolate & Banana Loaf Cake. 
  • Twinbo 2 likes to wipe his hands down his clothes. He does this often at the dinner table too despite napkins!!
  • Twinbo 1 & 2 wash up. Twinbo 2 likes to wrap the tea towel around his neck and through is long hair and then dry the dishes – nice!
  • They do make a good team though with Twinbo 1’s logic and practical skills with Twinbo 2’s ability to read follow the recipe and do the maths.
  • The sun is peeping through so I take my chances and hang outside. 
  • 10 minutes later back outside to drag it back in and house starts to resemble a Chinese laundry 
  • Second load goes on.

Meanwhile Twinbo’s 3 & 4 are causing mayhem and disruption through lack of attention and cabin fever. These girls are outdoor types and don’t just prefer to be outside but NEED to be. It is where they are happiest. They do go out in all weathers but in this rain it only ever last minutes before being soaked right through and the need to come back in. More muddy clothing, more washing.  As a family we are aiming for a warmer climate.

It is simply not possible to divide myself in to several pieces so we all have to work through things but sometimes it’s damn hard and I don’t know what to do. It’s something I have always had to do as there has never ever been the experience of just Mum and one child – what is that like?

  • Hama Beads come out for 4 seconds.
  • Girls asked for “Staying Alive” to be played on YouTube
  • 70s Disco Heaven with Twinbo 1 singing 
  • Heads nodding along and me thinking how appropriate certain lines of these lyrics are.
  • Check the cake, it’s cooled down. 
  • Serve it up. Deliver to Grandad and Big Nan. Eat it Warm. Yum. Silence except for the dishwasher whirring in the background. 
  • Need Tea.
  • Unload washing load 2. 
  • Hang on line again – call me stupid. 
  • Load three goes in.
  • Ask Twinbo 1 to strip her bed. She has disappeared. Ah there she is. Ask again. Thank you. Job done.  
  • Twinbo 2 is being difficult, and oppositional. I ask him to help Twinbo 4 with Mario Kart on the Wii – he grumbles which is better than a full scale argument or debate.
  • Twinbo 3 asks to use the gel pens so I set about cleaning the slab of perspex for her to use.  It’s messy.
  • She starts to create and finishes her masterpiece.
  • She joins her twin for some Mario Kart racing.  Identical Twin arguing soon commences. 
  • Wii is disconnected. Grrrhhh.
  • Here comes the rain again
  • Back out to retrieve two Kingsize duvet covers. 
  • More laundry in house.
  • Must use drier – I hate to do this. Forgive me.
  • Organ sounds coming from the other conservatory.  
  • Find peg bag now hanging elsewhere with Bratz doll inside sleeping – it’s a hammock apparently! 
  • The rain is now lashing down.
  • Twinbo 1 is playing some problem solving games. 
  • Twinbo 2 is on the computer – best place for him and the only one of my children I would say that about. 
  • Twinbo 4 takes the peg board and elastic bands out.
  • Twinbo 3 asks for the Pizza Game. Soon they are serving Pizzas.
  • I call out “do you want this drink you just asked me to make for you?” No answer. 
  • Happiness reigns again.  
  • I’ll attempt the lunch dishes then
  • No I won’t, I have to go and meet the Snow Queen who is now residing in the Ice Age bed…..
  • Hold on wait I have to help Twinbo 4 into a pink genie outfit on her way to visit the Snow Queen. 
  • I notice Twinbo 1 is now plugged into her audio (Harry Potter again) and playing with Lego.  
  • The Snow Queen is beautiful but Twinbo 4 now needs to be a dinosaur so out of the Genie suit into the Dinosaur after we locate one of the feet! 
  • Twinbo 3 is now a cat and the large collection of dressing up clothes is strewn across the living room floor which is fine because I hate the carpet anyway.
  • Washing load three finished. 
  • Load 4 going in except that Twinbo 3 has taken residence in the toilet room and my washing machine is in there. 
  • “Mum, finished! finished! finished” I ask myself why am I still wiping bottoms?
  • Twinbo 4 is now naked and wants some tights. Out come the winter clothes which I had been packing away for storage. Oh what the hell. You’ve got to give yourself over to your children some days more than others. 
  • Twinbo 3 now naked and in search of tights also.
  • Twin Dad arrives home from being away for a few days. The girls hide. This should be good news right? Only if he takes those little Twins off for a 30 mile commando yomp! But instead he tells us some tales and makes me a cup of tea and heads out to the trampoline as soon as the rains stop and the sun shines. Good enough. I get the first 5 mins rest of the day – its nearly 3pm.
  • Twin Dad and the girls go for a bike ride to the park. 
  • The biggest twins are content to play with Lego. 
  • Er, wrong! “Mum, Mum she’s making an annoying noise….!!” WTF?
  • Time to tidy some of the Twin mess before they return. Futile exercise. 
  • They return fairly quickly. Why? RAIN! 
  • Strip off, them not me. Finish cake, them not me. Its different cold apparently.
  • On to Yoghurt followed by Home Made Damson chutney on bread – whatever floats your boat!
  • Everyone suddenly ravenous.  Looks like it will be a late dinner then.
  • “What’s the difference between chutney and jam Mum?” 
  • “Go to Google and find out” I tell him and he does…
  • Time for the girls to mix their yoghurt into their drinks and make potions – oh well it’s only mess and science!
  • Meanwhile Twin Dad vacuums car. Think he’s trying to escape already.
  • Girls decide to use scissors.  OK.
  • Dishwasher needs unloading – anyone want a job? “It’s like we’re your slaves Mum” he says. “Life skills, a day of life skills” I tell them. 
  • “It would be really nice if you put Staying Alive back on Mum”. OK, on it goes. 
  • Twinbo 1 starts singing
  • Twinbo 2 starts grooving
  • Washing Load 4 finished ready to add to the launderette look. 
  • Load number 5 on. 
  • Out of powder now so the rest will wait.
  • Braving the line again outside. More hopefulness stupidity
  • Meanwhile Twinbos 3 & 4 tell me they are giving their ponies a hair trim. Oh dear!
  • Start to reload dishwasher.
  • Radio on. 
  • Sweep Floor – Just call me Cinderella
  • Girls want a picnic in swimsuits and goggles
  • Here comes the rain again. Back out to retrieve washing. I am completely and utterly stupid.
  • Twinbo 3 naked with a purple cat mask on with some purple halloween tights with ladders on the bottom.
  • “Mummy can I put some make up on? The one that came with this set?” 
  • “No it went all yucky.”
  • Scream. Tantrum
  • Mummy can I have some lipstick instead?
  • Twinbo 4 appears in similar outfit only in pink.
  • Time to start making the beds
  • Leave Twinbo’s 1 & 2 with a Kingsize duvet cover to put on duvet. 
  • Complaints from one half of Kevin and Perry and he’s only 10! He’s packing his bags and leaving home. I’m laughing. He’s waffling. Meanwhile Twinbo 1 is at least trying.
  • I start to prepare dinner
  • Dens are being made with clothes horses by Twinbo’s 3 & 4. Screaming tantrums. Daddy hasn’t made it big enough.
  • Go to help them. Don’t worry that mushrooms are cooking – I’ll get back in time.
  • Take recycling out
  • Eat too much Fettuccine
  • Dinner talks of exploring the world including Macchu Picchu, Trekking, Himalyas Lake, Camping in Scotland, Bunjee Jumping Lake Victoria and I recognise how much I love my adventurous, knowledgeable, life loving children.
  • Clear Dinner Things and Load Dishwasher for the Second Time 
  • Twin Dad takes girls to the shop for wine and chocolate
  • Twinbo 1 takes turn at computer with Twinbo 2 watching
  • Tidy Living Room
  • Beds finished.
  • Birthday Balloon pops loudly giving us all a fright. Must remember to take those down soon.
  • Pick up coats that have been left off coat hooks in hallway
  • Put shoes all in shoe box in hallway
  • Find money – 43p
  • Girls back with Kinder Eggs and Twin Dad
  • Girls undressed and ready for bed (no baths necessary – that mission was yesterday)
  • Last sing song of “staying alive” and realise it’s come from “gotta to have cheese balls….ALVIN!”
  • Cars DVD goes on and goes off.
  • Mummies Alive goes on instead and then girls leave bed and come for a wrestling match and some milk.
  • Twinbo 4 screams I hurt my toe. It’s Twin Dads turn to settle them having been away.
  • Myself and the Big Twins settle down in living room for a documentary on China and I finish typing this.
  • The girls are back in the living room curled up with us now watching the documentary about China. 
  • Twinbo 3 asks to be taken to bed.
  • Twinbo 4 drifts off on my lap and I carry her to the bed.
  • Peace.
  • Back aches, pour me the wine, feed me the chocolate. The house is still a mess and I admit defeat.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a much needed trip to an Iceni Village but fear it will be rained off. Did I mention we want to go and live abroad?

3 thoughts on “It’s Just Another Manic Thursday

  1. liz

    Oh how familiar that all sounds, gosh you have cheered me up! I have had the week from hell and all I can say is, I am mighty thankful its nearly over! I have laughed so much reading that and I know you will too on a better less rainy week. That rain has been something else hasn’t it? I am tempted to move abroad myself! Having five children who need to be outdoors, being stuck in all week has led to many a good punch up! Heres hoping for a better week next week, hope you enjoyed the wine and chocolate xx

  2. Lily

    Love, love, love it! Sounds like happy hell!

    I *so* get the optimistic cyclical hanging out of washing – that’s so familiar (i hate to use the dryer too).

    The thing about having one child is, for me, that she’s unwilling to play alone so I’m always being asked to play – that makes the undertaking of *every* household task feel as if I’m abandoning her. She’s very verbal and emotional too, so there is a *lot* of drama (that changes in tone as she ages rather than diminishes…)

    I hear that some children will play happily alone but Cupcake is *very* sociable and *always* prefers company , whatever she’s doing – dressing, playing, toileting, watching TV, whatever…. I think she’d love siblings but it’s not to be. She’d love the mayhem at yours! Oh, how she’d love someone to echo her calls of “Alvin!” at home (apart from mommy who often doesn’t get it right!).

    We also don’t have family nearby so our ‘home-based’ life has always been mostly me and her (her dad works long hours and is often unavailable). The lack of alonetime has been an absolute mental trial for me at times – I really don’t think I could manage four… then again, I am a survivor and I guess I would have to do as you do – eat the elephant one small bite at a time!

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