January will Pass

In my opinion, January is one of those *pattern* months in the home ed calendar. Every year it’s either laced with winter illness and/or frustration and worry from parents who are keen to surge ahead with the year yet simultaneously faced with the sluggish pace that January often brings. Just because it’s a new year and so called new start, here in the UK it’s still winter and energies can be low. The children may be less than motivated and certainly puzzled as to why normally relaxed home educating parents are suddenly trying to ply them with the National Curriculum! If you’ve not followed a structured/national curriculum kind of route then it will feel even more uneasy on the children if you suddenly start to try now just because it’s January and everyone else has gone to school!

S and L (13) have been home educated for 7.5 years now and A and W (8) have never been to school. Years and observation have shown me that embracing the seasons and indeed the months for what they are is the way to go. January is what it is. We don’t fight it and if I start to feel wobbly I recognise what’s happening and nip it in the bud before it starts, making the conscious decision to just not worry. Why? Well there’s enough fighting and squabbling going on between siblings as it is – another negative product of colder and darker days but I know it will all pass. We spend more time at home as the hibernation season continues, we shove the TV on and watch a whole pile of eclectic viewing. The children continue to do their own thing as they always do and we bumble along knowing that the light will soon return.

One thing we do every January is make our bucket lists for the year. These include things we want to do, achieve, learn and places we want to go. Adventure lists in a way and they help me make some plans for the year ahead.  These lists are always a mixed bag with 6 of us and this year is no different. We have requests for a few arts and crafts projects, a trip to Hadrian’s Wall, Learning more Code,  Learning more Japanese and The Oreo Challenge.

We’ve also added in a Memory Jar this year too. We’re starting late given our ill start to the year.

I’ll leave with a collection of latest drawings and artwork from A and W otherwise it might be February before I get a post done. Busy with Hippy Paste!

artwork artwork1 artwork2 artwork3 artwork4 artwork5

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