The absolute most difficult part of my life as a parent to four children who come in two pairs with a five year age gap and are still obviously four individuals as well, is the juggling and balancing act required to maintain harmony and happiness in family life whilst ensuring everyone gets their fair share of needs met. It is a constant work in progress. It is draining and exhausting at times.

Today we had plans to meet some friends at Porchester Castle which meant that there was very little time to do anything prior to leaving the house other than the regular breakfast routines, unload/reload dishwasher ditto washing machine and get ready. A and W individually managed to slot a quick reading book in with me whilst waiting for the bathroom to become free.

The castle was the busiest I have ever known with a few school groups. The museum part at the bottom of the Keep was just too noisy for us so we left and waited to return when the school groups had left. Instead we ate lunch and played on the surrounding grounds. Great to be outside and not to have the pressure of clipboards and questions and to be able to observe and follow our own noses.

S and L could look around independently if they so chose although we have been many times so not too much interest really. L took an audio guide. A and W enjoyed playing spies and other games with their pals in and out of the scary spaces, climbing walls and generally being free to have fun in a great location. Only the young ones opted for climbing the spiral stairs to the top of the Keep this time around.


W and friends at the top of the keep


View from the top of the keep

20140521_111935 20140521_111941

Back Home. Is It Bed Time Yet?

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