Just another lurgy report

Feeling slightly bored that yet another blog post recording our home educating lifestyle contains more lurgy reports but that’s where we are at.


Elisabatt (using Draculara template) by W (6)

Draculara has been swinging from the stairs by a single rope and there has been much colouring of new dolls that are now on the birthday list for April.


Viperine Gorgon (using Abbie’s template) by A (6)


Claudia Wolf (using Clawdeen’s template) by A (6)

On top of the virus, and whilst there are hormonal talks taking place amongst home ed bloggy friends we are ourselves in the middle the hormonal drama’s emotions. Cadbury’s, sympathy and music takes the edge off but stomping and tears can still be heard from the penthouse apartment when it’s at its worse. S will feel better soon and again I’m mindful of what a great choice home education can be. I remember my own discomforts (to put it mildly) during these times and the awfulness of lessons and not being able to leave them. Having said that, the choice to go sit in the ancient outdoor toilets that were nothing short of filthy wasn’t an appealing option either.

Naturally during the latest bout of unwellness there has been more viewing than normal. There’s been Panda Go Panda, a Manga cartoon from 1972 borrowed from Love Film – about a little girl and two Panda’s but A was pleased to find a Gorilla in the story – a bonus. Junior Master Chef, Scooby Doo and various other CBBC shows including the Vampire one and the Theatre one – I forget their names just now. I often go about my own business when the children are watching their shows and just dip in and out but we have all sat together and enjoyed the last episode of The Restaurant Man and our latest interest with the Harry Bikers Asian Adventure. We are always inspired by food and travel here. ALL of us.

Still on our I wonder Why series of books with I wonder Why Snakes Shed their Skin? as the latest one. The girls have also been reading their Lego Minifigure Sticker Books – I know this because they have spread across the floor on several occasions despite my picking them up and putting them back on the shelf. We also have a new set of bed time story books about Rescue Princesses which I have the pleasure of reading aloud. The girl’s chose them. They are very girly but in total contrast it is A and W (6) who want me to continue with reading from Frankenstein whereas S and L (12) think it’s a horrible story. Actually, we agree it’s better since we reached the part where the monster tells his side of the story but……I think A and W just like the monster connection with MH.

L has been reading How to Survive Anything, History Year by Year and the Guinness Book of Records 2014 – Gamer’s Edition.

20140306_133059 20140306_133045

Wreck This Journal is S’s new journal and you are supposed to do what it says on the tin front. It’s been thrown down a hill so far. She’s really loving this book and there are others we really want to buy next.

No one has any real appetite so it’s been a batch of homemade vegetable soup with streaky bacon, a batch of chocolate cookies and plenty of hot lemon and honey.

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