Keeping Up With Christmas

Only 12 sleeps til Christmas and we are still trying to keep up with Christmas. 

A manic Christmas card drawing and card writing session took up a huge part of Wednesday morning in anticipation of the post box at  Adventure Group. Cards for lots of friends times by four children and it’s not a quick job. Instead, it just devours another chunk of time.

More new people showed up at the group making a headcount of 69 which is fabulous for a winter season – normally these numbers are more typical of the Summer months. It’s an ever growing community it seems. L was happy as he had 3 pals show up. The three girls were happy although A and W were ready to leave by 3pm which was evident in their vocal chords and tears! Frustrations do set in when they want to do everything the bigger/older children do and it doesn’t happen for one reason or another. Plus the excitement of Christmas spilling over the brim of the cup at any given moment. The swing in question that set them off at the end really was going rather high for such little people but they didn’t see it that way.

Thursday, brought more play for the girls as my hairdressing home ed Mum friend brought her daughter with her. It’s a good balance and the haircut well over due and well worth it.

Sleeping Beauty Pantomime at Kings Theatre took care of the evening. It really was very good. We’ve made several trips to The Kings Theatre this year and we love the Theatre itself but most definitely this was the best visit.

Filling the gaps amongst the rest of living has of course been Minecraft. Additonal voices are living alongside us as the children skype and play.

A and W are quite into Teach Your Monster to Read at the moment. L has taken up Maths Whizz again and S is still plodding through a Money workbook. 

Deadly Art has been watched a couple of times and the drawings are still flowing. S has produced some great animals.

My own Mario Kart skills are improving but not enough to come close to the girls.

Reading books also squeezed in. Continuing on with our South Pole story from the double take series, Puddle Lane books and various books on Egyptians seem to be the flavour just recently.

Oh and we even managed another Christmas craft. Glass jars, acrylic paint, salt, a scented tea light and some ribbon. Pictures in next blog.

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