Keeping the peace

I’m convinced that illness addles my littlest one’s brain. She reacts differently to being unwell to most people I know. Normally we want to rest or snuggle up but Twinbo 4 becomes very grumpy and very cross with outbursts of both vocal and physical aggression directed at everyone including her Twin sister.
So, today has all been about keeping the peace which has largely meant Twinbo 4 being glued to me. It amazes sometimes how much we are still able to achieve during these under the weather days but we do. 


We stepped outside for a bit to launch our home-made rockets which is an idea from the Aquila Magazine. Easy to make with card and tissue paper.  You need a plastic film cartridge with a lid or similar for the fuel tank.  We used small pill boxes. The fuel tank slides inside the cardboard tube and all you need do is add water and Alka-Seltzer for lift off!

Richard III

Another book read. Shakespeare’s first great popular success apparently.  We are to remember that whilst the odd historical source was referenced it was a play and intended for the entertainment of those it was written for. My two were quick to add to some historical knowledge themselves, must be all that Horrible Histories they watch. What a villainous character, cunningly plotting his rise to the throne and ultimately his fall.



Henry V

Yes and another Shakespeare Story book read.  Henry V is portrayed as the people’s King in this one and totally in contrast to the evil villain Richard III.

BTW, the books are from a set I purchased.  I’ll add the link to a resources blog on Shakespeare at some point in due course as well.


Check this site out it if you want to blow your mind with more thoughts on the Universe. The Scale of the Universe


Out came the Oxford Learning Tree Flash Cards we have.  To be honest they haven’t had much use and  I doubt they will get much more but today they were enjoyed as part of game whilst both girls snuggled or climbed all over me.

Check this site out if you want to find video clips to assist with learning just about anything. The youngest two and I flicked through whilst sat on the sofa today practising the alphabet and our reading skills.

A picture book about the Food Chain.

Toe by Toe for Twinbo 1

Horrible Histories

The School Half Term maybe a week whereby home-educators stay at home preferring to frequent many places when there are less crowds but it’s good for one thing – plenty of back to back Horrible Histories episodes for us to giggle over.


A travel documentary rented from Love Film.  Our Love Film membership is worth it’s weight in gold to us. We learned about Snake Shops and Chinese Herbal Medicine, The Terracota Army, Yangtze River and the controversial Dam and so much more.  Today it covered Central China so we still have Eastern and Western China to go.  The DVD is a few years old but nonetheless still very enlightening.  I’ll add the DVD to the China resources page too.

Birthday Dinner

Dad/Grandad’s 65th Birthday today.  No big celebrations again due to illness but an old friend has come to stay for a few days to keep him company and I still managed to cook a big roast dinner for everyone.


It’s will soon be the end of February which gives a boost to this Summer baby. Spring is just around the corner.

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