Kids Growing Up Questions

Today was Gym Pit day.  All pretty casual fun stuff, nothing too taxing to deal with parenting wise just 30 home-ed children mingling and letting off some steam in the hired gymnasium. The colds are still lingering and despite being well past the contagious stage and on the road to recovery not all of us were really up for it.  We were desperate to get out for a change of scenery which was the driving force behind the decision to go. It wasn’t too bad and Twinbo 1 and Twinbo were really chuffed as they were given a present each from a couple of their pals.

Far more challenging parenting issues have stemmed from our viewing of The Victorian Farm.  Talk about all the questions coming at once! This time questions relating to Mr Ram and why he was being painted red and then why did all the lady sheep have red marks on their backs and and and and……Don’t get me wrong it’s all got to be learned and it’s all got to be learned on a level that is appropriate for the age group but still come on BBC do you have to do this to us parents? Joking, it wasn’t that bad just a small glimpse of Mr Ram mounting Mrs Ewe.

BUT, then they have to fell a tree and one of the guys says the “barsteward” word a couple of times and I think oh please BBC NO I do not want my children at this age picking up such language. Anyway, panic over they ignore it. Phew.

THEN, a mother sheep has to give birth to a lamb and she needs help which shows the guy inserting his hands in to pull out the lamb.  Yes there’s plenty of blood and the questions come thick and fast. Now you might think this odd but both of my sets of twins have been by C-Section so it has been a natural assumption in this house that babies come out of Mummy’s tummy after all there is a scar to prove it and a hospital stay to remember – at least for the eldest who understood what was happening when their little sisters were born. They now, however, recognise that there are two pathways to this life and that is quite disgusting apparently.  Oh dear.

As if that wasn’t enough, the lady in the programme shows us how to make a Victorian Sanitary Towel.  Well for crying out aloud, give me a break, all in one flipping episode! “What is that bag for Mum?” I explain very briefly and in no graphic detail and it satisfies the need but I know there are more questions coming. There probably coming tomorrow giving me no recovery time from this whatsoever or when I least expect it or alternatively in the middle of a shop in earshot of just about everyone and anyone just to put me on the hotspot of how will she deal with this one.  Oh the joys!

I am now thinking this is some kind of conspiracy.  My eldest twins only turned double digits on Sunday and by Thursday I am having to cover all those difficult parenting questions.  Not on! Still, it’s my own fault I introduced them to the DVD. We don’t have to continue to watch it and the BBC never put a U certificate on it so I only have myself to blame – damn. The worst thing is they really like it, they are gripped and are wanting the next instalment and here’s me wondering what we are going to be dealing with next.

In some ways it’s quite odd that these questions are only just arising considering all of the David Attenborough documentaries that have been viewed.  Maybe had they still been in school or had elder siblings more stuff would have surfaced but it hasn’t.

I guess again it’s a question of child led learning and when they are ready they will enquire.  I am kind of glad that both my husband and I have a little more control over this stuff and the children are getting to set their own pace (although I might have just sped up the process a bit?) instead of just being introduced to it because it says that it should be on the curriculum this year. Then again handing the job over to someone else doesn’t sound too bad an option either right now.

All I can say is thank goodness for Shakespeare. Far easier to deal with than Rams doing there business despite all those “Lovers” and all that murder. I must add I only read these to my eldest two. Today we learned how gullible Othello was and how bitter and twisted and double crossing Iago was and once again another sad ending.

Other Kid’s Talk which has been easier than those other questions came from Twinbo 1 and Twinbo 3.

It must be quite cool to be named after a planet says my 10 year old daughter who is actually named after a season.  Would you like me to change your name to a planet, maybe Mars? Er, no Mars is a Plonker.

“How do people walk?” from Twinbo 3.  These types of questions are coming hard and fast from the smallest twins.

They are wanting deeper explanations for everything.  Whilst I love their enquiring minds and hope that their natural curiosity and thirst for knowledge stays very much alive I think we are stepping into new thresholds of parenting challenges.

I’m off now to open a bottle of wine. Say No More 😉

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