Knock Knock. Who’s There?


Dr Who……you get the idea!

Dr Who has taken over the box. L is gripped. His memory allows him to recall the dates of the time travel easily so I know he is having fun internally with it! He is definitely enjoying the different aliens and characters. I’m still stuck on the Daleks being my favourite but that comes from the Tom Baker years I recall. There’s so many connections, conversations and laughs to be had on the back of the episodes we have watched already. Connections in the stories themselves, connections to actors we have previously come across (most recently characters from Merlin), politics, evolution, relationships, monarchy, history, George Orwell from the episode that includes reality tv such as Big Brother. We are googling as we go along. Twin Dad suggested that L might like War of the Worlds and L said he had already read the abridged book by HG Wells a while ago reminding me that I can’t possibly know all that my home educated children learn given they do it so autonomously. They are always full of surprises which helps keep the trust and faith in our unschooling journey.


Outside of the Dr Who special interest it’s been skyping with friends whilst playing Minecraft. They have built a new town with a court house, village hall, merchant house, two farms (animals and plants), living houses and they are working on a shop and a blacksmiths. Work in progress and they are selling the houses apparently. It’s a community project he tells me with town rules. It’s hidden at the moment. Roblox has been played also.

A Magic The Gathering Book gifted to L  for his birthday has been started, regular First News and a Dr Who Character Encyclopaedia covers the reading content at present.

S (twin sister of L) in contrast has been all about Harry Potter. She’s back on Pottermore. It’s been a long term interest and she is back wearing robes whilst out and about. She has taken to wearing a scar on her head too. It’s the drama queen in her!  Talking of which she has been to dancing practice and the drama element of her regular Theatre School passion.

A and W are all about the Monster High’s again with another two to add to the collection. They spend their own saved money on such things. We have Lorna McNessie, daughter of the Loch Ness Monster and she has inspired interest in of course the Loch Ness monster. We found a documentary on You Tube to watch. I had already thought a trip to Scotland this year might be a good bet and now have another reason to do just that. A (7) chose Marisol Coxi who is a kind of *big foot* and again we have found documentaries to watch. It will take a bit more effort to arrange a trip to Sasquatch Land so have to bank that one for another time!

Together on Thursday, we went to the Portsmouth City Museum to see the new exhibition “A Hard Choice”. We’ve been many times to this museum as it’s on our doorstep and we therefore spot fairly quickly when the exhibits change over. We all chose our favourite objects and talked more about curating as a career.

S: Glasses dating 1750-1780. She liked the twisted detail in the stems

S: Glasses dating 1750-1780. She liked the twisted detail in the stems

W: Blue and White Ceramics 1750-1880 because she always likes the Willow pattern!

W: Blue and White Ceramics 1750-1880 because she always likes the Willow pattern!

L: Chose this Dwarf Chair,

L: Chose this Dwarf Chair,

A: Red Yellow Brown, 1964. It reminded her of a famous artist....?

A: Red Yellow Brown, 1964. It reminded her of a famous artist….?

And me: The silver Heart Table Mirror. A little bit Snow White, a little bit magical...

And me: The silver Heart Table Mirror 1857-58. A little bit Snow White, a little bit magical…

The children opted to revisit the rest of the museum and we ended up spending a fair amount longer in there than I had anticipated. Fine Art always an interest for us to look at. Videos of The Girls Brigade and it’s history proved engaging this time around and again inspired much thought and conversation about the disparity between working class and the monarchy for example. Also a video with lots of different Portsmouth folk saying why they like living here provided entertainment and a comment that once you come to live here, you never leave made us chuckle. Then when the agent called me on Friday to say that the house we were going to look at had already gone I remembered the comment and again thought perhaps the universe doesn’t want us to leave Southsea just yet! Ha!

We finished the week up with home ed roller skating which I organise on a monthly basis which seems to be popular always with a good turn out and A and W had their weekly home ed gymnastics session.

Bringing us round to Saturday with a requirement of catching up on washing, grocery shopping, tidying the house and Twin Dad and I actually having conversations instead of being ships passing in the night.

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