Launching into Space

Since the New Year we decided to work in weekly themes chosen by the children.  So far we have looked at Birds of Prey, Victorians and China and today saw us launching into Space. Coming soon will be Shakespeare, Fashion and Organic Farming – what a mix up huh?
The themed chunks seem to be working out nicely providing some kind of structure and routine for the ones who need it and enough flexibility and time for the others who need to float. We decide how long we spend on each theme based on interest levels meaning we don’t necessarily stick to a week and we can go on longer should we wish to.  So far so good.

As usual I will create a separate post containing all the resources and things we got up to so they are in one place for anyone wanting to dip into Space as a theme.  Meantime, a snapshot of our day.

A Solar System Puzzle that we have had for years now and is still loved by our second set batch.
Space Foam Shape Pictures
Twinbo’s 3 & 4
Astrology Anagrams

And then an unexpected text message from my pal over at feet on the ground head in the clouds suggesting a play date at a local indoor play centre and we were off like a shot.  My bunch of 4 plus my friend’s bunch of 4 and we have a ready made party. Really lovely afternoon enjoyed by all and much needed. You’ve got to love the spontaneity and flexibility and freedom that can come with home-ed and for that I am very grateful.

Oh and there was an armed siege in a village close by but we avoided that!

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