Learn Nothing Day Epic Fail 2014

Today was officially Learn Nothing Day in the world of unschoolers. See links below

http://sandradodd.com/learnnothingday/ and Learn Nothing Day

We failed before we even began given that S was booked to attend a home ed Comic Workshop today kindly run by a home ed Mum. A group of home educated children are creating a comic together that will be published in August/September time. L,A and W will all be contributing but they didn’t want to attend the workshop but that’s OK.

L stayed at home and worked on his videos whereby a heap of learning was taking place as he is currently learning how to optimise his computer which entails lots of trial and error with various settings and the like. Plus he is collaborating with a friend and learning how to add 3D animation bits to the the intro’s. To be honest if I had mentioned that it was Learn Nothing Day and suggested that he try to stay away from his PC it would have gone down like a ton of bricks.

The rest of us played at the park for several hours with friends and had some extra company given it’s now the school holiday’s too but still the park was fairly empty. There was plenty tree climbing too.

Later in the day we walked to the beach to meet friends and ended up spending most of the time in the sea as the tide was out and some sand appeared which is always nice. Unfortunately there was much discussion about tides and waves due to the large Ferries providing extra wave action every so often.

The day isn’t over yet and the girl’s are looming and I am about to cook dinner which has a Greek theme this evening. Again, there will be questions and discussion and zero chance of learning nothing unless of course we refuse to answer.

Epic fail. Maybe next year.

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