Learning to Spell

Sun was shining at our Tuesday Adventure Playground group. We were supposed to have an Art Gallery day but the paper, paint and pens remained mostly untouched as the children made the most of a sunny mild day. Games of Harry Potter whilst climbing and running around. Meanwhile an MTG game took place inside.

Back at home we must be learning to spell. That’s what I tell myself anyway. “How do you spell Monster High Gloom and Bloom, Mum?” These are typical daily questions from A and W. I’ve taken more to getting them to attempt the words now before I read them out. They are definitely picking it up.

Mostly they still prefer to turn the house upside down and the latest *den* comes from an arrangement of chairs.


These same chairs have just been up-cycled by them too. The story is, we purchased a second hand table with curved edges and 4 chairs from eBay as part of a bid to save the bruises on my thighs from a square edged table. Thing is we have decided to make the table and chairs an up-cycling project but A and W keen to start and knowing we wanted to replace the fabric asked if they could use their fabric pens on the chairs instead. So for a while we have chairs that look like this…

DSC_1414 DSC_1415 (1)

L was gifted an old favourite but new to him PC game called Star Craft for his birthday. He’s really into it so again his video game interest is expanding. We have also started on Doctor Who having picked a home ed Dad’s brains for Doctor Who knowledge on Sunday. My own memories of Doctor Who are of Tom Baker, Daleks and hiding behind the sofa when the music started as a young girl. So far, we’ve started at the point of Christopher Eccleston and are two episodes in. The last human left being a stretched flat piece of skin could make for interesting evolutionary chat. I’m keen to see where Dr Who might take us in our unschooling journey. If anyone is interested on why we continue to unschool you can read here.

And S, well I’ll leave you with some of her latest drawings. It is after all how she spends much of her time.

DSC_1416 (1) DSC_1418 (1) DSC_1417 (1)

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