Lego Mania at Milestone

Today was right for a visit to the Lego Mania event at Milestones Museum, Basingstoke. We covered most of the admission fee by our Culture All Pass. Unfortunately, a family pass doesn’t cover us all so we still have to top up for having two extra children.
As always the car journey provides a perfect time and place for diverse conversation often inspired from what we can see from the window. We spot a field of cows and before you know it we are discussing mammals, feeding, why do boys have nipples and it is so that an embryo becomes a girl or a boy. There is much more to learn back at home on this one! Chalk cliffs in view and we speak about erosion, the sea, types of rock. So much education takes place in the red bus.
Arriving at the Museum which actually is known as a living history museum we were delighted to find that it was quiet. Even the school group made no impact on the space available and we felt free to wander at leisure. 
It’s a great space and perfect for rainy days. To be honest the Lego was just an added bonus because the museum is fab and we will definitely make a return visit.
We watched a short film about the history of the Thornycroft company. I love it how this came at the suggestion of our eldest two and soon enough the younger two sat down for as long as they could manage. I love how interested they are. 
Lego Olympic Stadium with over 6,000 mini figures.
I gained an extra two children here outside the toy shop!

Lego The Death Star
Jango Fett & Twin Dad

Education by Fire Extinguishers. Education it happens everywhere!

Optical Illusions with a wheel for everyone!

Sherlock Manton (this has fueled the detective passion again)

We also got to sit on this Tram which quite possibly has travelled the tram lines in the Old Town down here in Portsmouth. The Costumes Communicator (lady actor in period dress) sat with us on the Tram and gave us some extra insight. Actually, this highlighted the career possibilities for Twinbo 1 should she remain excited by acting.

Twin Dressing Up. They grabbed for one another’s hands voluntarily. Proof that they are very much connected and blogged here to remind me that its not only punch ups with these two!
Westminster Abbey
The collector’s corner was really interesting. Check out these pieces of hair equipment from the past. 
Torture springs to mind!

Oh and not forgetting the arcade games of the past. Plenty of working *grabbers* meant we had more sweets to add to our 2oz of sweets purchased in the sweet shop with our rations book!
Great day. We will be back! 

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