Lego Movie Sleepover

Friday, the day for Lego Movie and Sleepover plans with friends finally arrived. I don’t think our 6 year old’s could wait any longer.

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The movie was great fun. Loved all the different characters and the good guy bad buy story with added movie references plus a really lovely message at the end of the story. Won’t say more than that for those who have yet to go see it. We will definitely be buying our own copy when it comes out on DVD – it’s one for the collection.

Back home with friends still on board for pizza, cake, movie inspired Lego building and Nerf Gun Shooting.



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Unfortunately, L’s pal couldn’t stay over and left with Mum and younger brother around 930pm but we can fix another date. Leaving 4 adults and 6 children for a sleepover. 5 girls in the animal themed living room, 4 adults drinking a sneaky bottle of red or 2 in the dining room and L happily playing Terraria. He decided to join the girls for sleep at around 11pm at which point our two little ones decided they couldn’t sleep there and came up for regularly co-sleeping with Twin Dad and I and the youngest of our our friends girls decided she couldn’t sleep down there either and came up and snuggled in with her parents leaving just the three big ones in the animal den. At midnight they should have been sleeping. At 2am I went downstairs to tell them to sleep because S had theatre rehearsals in the morning. They all pretended to be asleep with huge grins on their faces! As if I couldn’t see!


They told us this morning when they woke at 730am that S had plans to stay up all night. I suspect she will be very tired when we pick her up from Theatre this evening. A and W are sleeping on the sofa as I type.

L and I just finished a game of World of Warcraft Monopoly.

Why do we call them sleepovers when sleep is the last thing that takes place?

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