London and Late Night’s

Wow it’s been a hectic weekend. Twin Dad arrived back Friday night and despite a late one we decided to take the children into London the following day.

First Train Ride
Picnic Stops
British Museum
Twinbo 2 really wanted to spend all day – he really is a huge fans of museums but unfortunately our youngest two (only just 5) had seen enough after an hour. Still, the great thing about museums is you can dip in and dip out on subsequent visits.
A piece about El Dia De Los Muertos (Mexican Festival) which was cool because we had covered this back on October for Halloween – you can see our blog post here All Hallows – Calling All Hags.
Bus Rides
St Paul’s my reminiscing of living just across the road – 11 years ago now and how life is so very very different now.
 The Shard whilst we walked across the very very windy Millennium Bridge over to the Tate Modern.
We had a challenge to choose one piece of *Art* that we liked from the few rooms we looked in at the Tate Modern. This was my choice and one suitably named “Mediterranean” which I didn’t know until after I made my selection. Another sign – go back to Spain Twin Mum you know you all love it there!
 Drawing in the Tate. We tried Automatism and Frottage and Grattage with 
some interesting results

We also managed to squeeze in a couple of tube rides, a walk along the south bank, the view of the Olympic Stadium from the train and a very disappointing Pizza.

Then on Sunday after another very late night we got stuck in to some house stuff to make our temporary stay here a little more comfortable and even perhaps help with sale of the place. It took all day and the children were patient in the car whilst all the shopping chores were accomplished. Back at the house and after another very late finish we have a fence panel fixed, a trampoline repaired, new curtains at every window, an en suite bathroom now very clean and usable which brings our toilet facilities to two which is a good thing when there are 4 children and the front garden has been mowed and had a haircut.
Here’s me trying to entertain two fidgety five year old’s allowing them to take pictures with my phone whilst I looked after their pets!

And now on with the week and a blog post perhaps to talk about the evolution of this blog and why it started and what it’s really all about.

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