Lullingstone Roman Villa

Given we have been to Bignor Roman Villa today I figured it was time to bring over the old blog post of our trip to Lullingstone Roman Villa back in August 2012 and tie any other *Roman* things in.

Lullingstone Roman Villa is an English Heritage site in Kent and we used our Membership. For us it struck just the right balance of history, activity and outdoor space for the age groups in our family. 

There is something very special about experiencing and learning history in this way and it’s the same for the stately homes and castles we like to visit. The smell that emanates from the walls and fills the air helps take you back in time; being able to touch and see in reality opposed to books gives you a real sense of time gone by.

I actually came to Lullingstone myself as a child on one of those rare school trips. I only remember parts of the trip but I know that much of what I personally recall about Romans or at least the Mosaics came from this trip.


Discussions about Roman Gods, Christianity and how the Romans adopted the Christian faith and possibly why, all parts of our day.

lullingstone1 lullingstone3 lullingstone4

Using the Model to recreate a Roman Villa

lullingstone5 lullingstone6

A short but very informative and interest video was enjoyed on a large screen whilst overlooking the mosaic floor and other remains.


The girls admiring the Roman attire.


And then dressing up in the peasant gear.


The views, the viaduct.

lullingstone10 lullingstone11 lullingstone12 lullingstone13 lullingstone14 lullingstone15

Definitely worth a visit if you are in and around the Kent area. 


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