Lying Low

Another May has been and gone and we’re already two days into June heading for half of the year flashing past in the blink of an eye. Why does it all go so fast? More reminders of the importance of living in the moment.

We’ve been lying fairly low which seemed to coincide with school holidays and bad weather and thus haven’t been up to much.

Making use of the beach on our doorstep and the open spaces that we are blessed to have. These are the positives of living where we do currently. It’s making the couch to 5k run fairly easy to facilitate even with children in tow.


L’s been out with his Grandad and his cousins and came back with unfortunate tales of swimming pool evacuation due to someone pooing in the pool!

At home L has been getting used to using his debit card for paying for things online. So far it’s more robux on Roblox and the new Lego World game (beta version). Otherwise he’s been Minecrafting.

It’s interesting to see the different ways in which one game is used by different people. L likes to participate in building communities and holding positions of responsibility within that community. He likes to build medieval themed structures and enjoys the mining aspect. Whereas S likes to head off on unplanned adventures with friends and tends to build random stuff that comes into her head at any given moment. Floating anime is some of the latest builds. She also as a Minecraft Chat Show which she records on her YouTube Channel.

S has helped me too with recording some videos for YouTube. She films way better than I.

A and W have the Lego and Ello construction toys at present. They’ve been Disney Princess themed rather than Monster High for a while. Not sure why but think it started from the Ever After High Dolls they have and play with occasionally. So, we’ve had Princess and the Frog and Beauty and the Beast viewing. They have both been recording stuff for their YouTube channels too, some magic trick shots which are quite amusing. It’s easier to do tricks when you’re an identical twin!

Collectively, we’ve made a start on another read aloud book “Running Wild” by Michael Morpurgo. We’re in Indonesia riding on an Elephant at present and there’s already been a mention of an Orang-utan so the subject matter is quite fitting.  L’s not particularly interested though, so don’t think he will stick around and it will be just myself and the girls for this one.

Slightly further afield, a promised trip with friends to climb the hill at Kingley Vale. Twin Dad came along as planned equipped with portable tree rope swing, walkie talkies, binoculars and other adventure goodies.


At the top


In the trees


Swinging with a friend

Another treat has been a family meal out to Nandos. Glorified fast food experience at three times the price so won’t be rushing back! Nonetheless, we enjoyed the event and it is an event with 6 of us!

Back to some kind of routine today with Tuesday Adventure Group. Nail and Thread Art on offer. S was the only one to see the project through from start to finish. She made the Green Cat. The other two were collective hammering efforts from L, A, W and myself and even a mum friend helped out. Back at home I finished the threading! As is often the case, A and W lose interest and prefer to go and play and do their own things. That’s just the way it is.



3 thoughts on “Lying Low

  1. jade Taylor

    I only just found this…but that looks like Southsea? I lived there and emigrated to Yorkshire 11 years ago…then developed agoraphobia and can not make the long journey down, so haven’t visited in that long! I miss it! Love the kite festivals on that field!

    1. Angela Post author

      You’re right, it’s sunny Southsea 🙂 they still have the kite festivals amongst other things. Always lots going on here. We won’t be here forever but right now it’s where we are x

  2. Prudence Clarke

    It really is hard to believe that it is June, isn’t it? I love the woven butterflies – I think my youngest would enjoy this so I will be pinching the idea!
    Lovely to come across your blog and I shall have fun reading around it over the next few days.

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