Maharajah Duleep Singh

Here’s themed day held at the Ancient House in Thetford. The Story of the Maharajah Duleep Singh (who lived during the reign of Queen Victoria) told from the British Imperial View point.


The first activity was an introduction to spices that were typical of Duleep’s childhood in India.  I was very pleased that my eldest two recognised many of the spices as it shows that they pay attention and are interested in our meals at home.  The children got to try their hands at making chapattis.

duleep.13 duleep.04

We went on to learn about life as a country gentleman (Duleep Singh bought and lived in Eleveden House in Suffolk) from an Eleveden Hall Parlour Maid.  The children were able to handle Victorian objects and discuss their various uses.

We headed out for lunch to get a breath of fresh air and stretch our legs ready for the next session which was to learn all about Duleep Singh’s faith – Sikhism.  A talk and presentation with slides plus some more object handling and then Twinbo 2 offered his services to be dressed as a Sikh.



The last sessions was lead by another costumed character in the form of a Victorian Gentleman who took us through Duleep Singh’s life and showed us various documents. The children got to explore the story and voice their own opinions – and as always they certainly did!


Lastly we headed off to visit the statue of the Maharajah in the town.


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