Maleficent Shopping Birthday

S’s friend turned 12 and plenty of birthday fun was planned and executed with success!

Two girls off for a shopping spree adventure whilst her friend’s parents sat and waited in a nearby coffee shop. The girls had been given tasks to achieve which resulted in some fun purchases, photo booth snaps, huge cream topped shakes and clothes shopping. They really had a blast.

That was the first time the girls had been let loose alone in a shopping centre without parental supervision. I can’t quite remember the age that I went shopping with my friends but it must have been a similar age as I recall many town centre trips (by bus) on a Saturday with my pals. I definitely think we were more *street wise* and autonomously independent by the same age (12) growing up in London.

Both S and L (12) are asking for more freedom and gradually we are meeting their needs.

In the space of a week S has had independent parent free social time with a friend at the seafront and a few hours parent free social time with another friend and L as well as the shopping trip. L has enjoyed independent parent free time at the park with a friend and the social with his sister and a friend. It’s all part of the life learning journey that we are on and I for one am grateful that we aren’t too caught up in a *race to the finish line* mentality.

Anyway, whilst the girls were shopping, I took L,A and W together with young sister friend to watch Maleficent at the Cinema. It was good, really good. One for the DVD collection. We practically had the whole cinema to ourselves. Munched our way through sweets, chocolate and popcorn happily.

Then back to our friends house for more play, Paella and cake. Delicious Paella. Cool Cake.

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