Manga Madness

I guess Manga has been a project in this house for many years without anyone ever defining it as one. The interest started many years back with L and his love of Pokemon video games and the card games. It’s been an interest that has never left but certainly has distinct patterns where his focus on the subject is more intense than others. We are in such a phase at the moment.

L has been playing Pokemon since around age 5 and subsequently has various games and cards, We have also collectively enjoyed various Anime with Miyazaki titles the obvious ones to mention but a couple of year’s back a *how to make Manga characters* book caught his eye in the library. I probably should highlight the fact that he isn’t keen on drawing although in his younger years his drawings were clearly showing his own style with knights and swords in a stick man kind of way. There would be hundreds of these little men complete with the background that came with the story. I’m not sure why he ever stopped drawing but I was glad when he decided to have a go at drawing Manga characters.

I’m so glad I found these on the old blog to bring over here because they may well be one of the very few things he ever draws on paper, like ever. They are a few year’s old now and I don’t think he has actually drawn anything since. Maybe one day.

manga manga-1 manga-2 manga-3


As is often the case in this house the interest soon spreads like a virus and on the same day back then S, who really enjoys drawing, also began to draw Manga characters. In many ways I can see how this contributed to the ongoing love she has had with designing her own characters and it’s also clear from reflection that her interest in wolves and vampires existed back then too.

summermanga summermanga-1

L is currently deep within a Pokemon phase watching the cartoon clips daily and often for hours. The DS games have been revived which he also likes to play alongside one of his friends. He has Pokemon Books, cards and the large reference book known as Pokedex.

Also a big fan of The Legend of Zelda both on DS and Wii he has just extended his interest to the books; all Manga style. We have other Manga style games too.

Part of my current career is to facilitate and nurture the learning of all of my children so I have been asking questions on relevant un-schooling groups, researching, googling to find where we might go from here at the request of L. It seems we have reached a new level where this interest yet again seems to be taking much of his focus. It must be a serious passion because he has barely played any Minecraft in weeks!

Where will it takes us from here I wonder? Any suggestions welcome.

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