Manor Farm Hampshire

The majority of school’s went back this week after Easter Holidays yet the excitement and happiness that we live without school still hasn’t worn off even after four years or more!


Monday: We decided on a trip to Manor Farm. War Time Farm was filmed here so we were quite looking forward to the trip as we had followed the series as well as Victorian Farm. The farm didn’t disappoint. I think it’s the nicest farm we have been to. Really natural with a calming feel to it. The animals seemed happily chilled and so were we.



We got to see Twin lambs only an hour into this world! Then some more twin lambs. Our own twins were born at this time of year (birthday this week).



Evidence again that the dinosaurs are still here came in the shape of Mr & Mrs Turkey. Look at their heads, it shows it all right there. Twinbo 4 did say that Mr Turkey looked like he had his brain on the outside of his head. I can see this too!




Manor Farm has been a working farm for over 600 years now. We explored the buildings. The farmhouse is split into two sections with one side War Time and the other Victorian.




We had a giggle in the school room. The desks were just the same as the ones at my senior school. Quite clearly we’re not a sit down and pay attention to the blackboard kind of family.




When schools out you can play with these metal hoops.



War Time Kitchen



Window Ledge on the Stair Case used as an extra bed space. Made us think of Harry’s under the stair cupboard room at Privet Drive.

The Victorian Side of Things


We saw baby ducklings which reminded us of the duck family we lovingly fed on an hourly basis during our time in Suffolk. We watched a calf feeding.

We took a look at The Wheelwright’s workshop and the Blacksmith’s workshop.

Eventually we arrived at the 13th century church and graveyard. History always better learned when you can touch, smell and feel it. I really liked the large Elm tree that seemed to have it’s arm extended out across the gravestones as if protecting something precious.




And then finally we took walk through the Country Park down to the River Hamble to spot the wreck of the Grace Dieu one the of the largest naval vessels of medieval times.







Lovely Day!

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