Marble Runs & Museums

Southend (aka Sarfend) Central Museum was the place for a little jaunt today.  Surprisingly, a nice collection and something to interest everyone.


Georgian/Victorian Toys
Our Fact Loving Twinbo 2 reading and absorbing
Which Egg belongs to a Dinosaur?
Let’s be Palaeontologists
T Rex Foot Size Comparison
Using the video linked Microscope
1960s Ekco Ware
Georgian Era
Plus collections and artefacts from the Stone Age, Iron Age, Celts, Saxons, Romans and WW2 including a one man bomb shelter.  There really was a little bit of everything.  They also have a Planetarium for age 7 up which we may book into if we hang around in Essex long enough.
Other fascinations of the day have been playing with the Marble Run which belonged to Twinbo’s 1 & 2 when they were much younger but we are glad that Nanny kept it in her cupboard! They seem to enjoy this more than the Wooden Haba Marble Run we have at home…

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