Marwell Dinosaurs 2014

Another five days zooms by in a whirlwind of juggling work and home educating family lifestyle including gymnastics, picnics and play with friends, washing machine breakdowns, Medical and Dental appointments, Fashion Tutoring, park trips, comic shop and games shop visits, Maths, Movies, Reading, Photoshop and Minecraft plus a visit from Nanny and Grandad for a few days.

We finished off our week with a very warm and sunny day at Marwell to see the Dinosaur Trail. The Rhino’s last year were fabulous but the Dinosaur’s didn’t disappoint this year either. Love being able to go when it’s not too busy and no doubt we will go again after the rush of July and August is over.

We saw our regular favourite animals including the amazing Giraffe. We arrived at the Giraffe viewing point just in time for a knowledgeable talk given by one of the educational keepers. Plus we were able to talk to her afterwards about her route into her chosen career. Very useful when you have animal fans as we do.

Spent lots of time climbing on the play structures and fitted in a short train ride.

Only one let down, The Timeline. L was very keen to read the Time Line again. In fact it was the one thing he did want to do at the zoo but unfortunately all of the signs that used to line the fence by the Bird Avery had vanished. Very disappointing for him.

Otherwise, we love Marwell as usual and returned home with a Giraffe, Cotton Tailed Tamarin and a Golden Tamarin to add to our own collection of animals.


This one sprayed water!


Hill rolling




Admiring the Artwork

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