Mash Potato Sandwiches

It’s been Mash Potato Sandwiches here at the Journey Unique home educating household. Rations. Not really that strange a thing to eat but the request came from our 6 year old’s who have been watching and enjoying the War Time Farm DVD series that was filmed at Manor Farm in Hampshire. Great for anyone interested in WW2 History and indeed Farming.

For us, it’s really been on the back of enjoying the Victorian Farm series and our visits to the actual farm, Manor Farm which is nearby to our current location. Our visits to the farm have helped engage the interest when viewing the DVD series as we spot the places we have physically trodden.

We continue to learn so much from our viewing and most definitely do not regard the use of Television as sedentary time wasting at all. As with most things if not everything in life, it’s all about balance.

Balance is our aim.

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